Credit: Getty Images

Proving it really is a tale as old as time, Disney’s Beauty And The Beast has debuted to a huge AUD$454 million worldwide at the box office. And it hasn’t even hit Australia yet! The live-action adaption of the 1991 animated classic cost AUD$207 million to make so it’s a sterling result for Academy Award winning director Bill Condon and his cast.

It also means Emma Watson who plays the film’s heroine Belle is set to capitalise on this success. The actress was reportedly paid AUD$3.89 million upfront with her final pay day contingent on if Beauty And The Beast could pull in the same amount or similar to Maleficent’s box office success. The latter grossed AUD$985 million worldwide and Watson could be in line for $19 million should the films match up. And, after roaring into cinemas in just one week, the chances are looking good.

“Emma Watson is incredibly serious I have to say. It reminded me of working with Eddie Murphy in DreamGirls, actually,” director Bill Condon told GRAZIA.

“You know where’s there’s that kind of light that goes on and she makes it look effortless but that’s the result of a lot of training and a lot of hard work. I was always impressed by that and just how dedicated she is and always filled with great ideas. On top of that, she’s also almost emotionally translucent, you know? It was sort of fun to watch shot by shot and take by take just how focused she is.”

Beauty And The Beast is in Australain cinemas March 23.