Dreamers blue light glasses
Credit: Supplied

It’s extremely likely that you’ve heard of this trendy wellness tool dubbed “blue light glasses”. Perhaps you own a pair, or are wearing them as you read this article right now. In a bid for better sleep and general wellbeing overall (particularly in lockdown) Australians have flocked to trial the science for themselves. The market is flooded with iterations of the non-prescription glasses. Our favourite? Dreamers.

Born from Australian brothers Jordan and Zac Stenmark, the US-based brand has garnered a loyal following. But don’t take it just from us, Barbara Palvin and Shawn Mendes are fans.

In a recent Instagram post behind-the-scenes of his new music video shoot in Mallorca, Spain, the Canadian singer-songwriter – who boasts an impressive 63 million followers on Instagram – wore the Dreamers Sleep model eyewear in black. Scroll across to see the specs.

Elsewhere on social media, the former Victoria’s Secret model wore the Dreamers Screen model in tortoiseshell. Paired with a brown gingham shirt and crop (we need to up our lockdown loungewear game), Palvin claimed she experienced “no more brain fog from the big blue blah coming to us from the screen time.”

Other celebs to endorse the brand (in case you needed any more convincing) include Maeve Reilly, stylist to Hailey Bieber and Megan Fox; Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur, Tezza Barton; Former Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach; British television presenter, Vas J Morgan; actor, Luke Cook; and Australian fashion blogger, Natasha Oakley.

Speaking to GRAZIA earlier this year, Dr. Stafford Sheehan who assisted in the development of the glasses noted, “Melatonin is the hormone that helps you go to sleep. Cortisol is the one that keeps you alert. When you’re given a stimulus like a really bright LED that has a lot of blue light, or an LED with a lot of blue-green light, you get a decrease in the melatonin production inside your brain.”

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