She’s the reality television star turned entrepreneur who’s now created the jewellery brand eclectic fashion lovers’ dreams are made of and now Laura Byrne has poured her own wanderlust and travel experiences into the unique jewellery brand she co-owns with her sister-turned-business partner, Alisha De Graaf.

Toni May Finery

The duo’s e-commerce store and new flagship boutique in Paddington are bursting with soulful designs that embody a modern bohemian aesthetic, plus a brand new premium line called Toni May Finery, created for non-traditional brides who prefer equally bohemian bling.

Byrnes is known for her out-of-the-ordinary approach to love – for anyone not aware, she met her current boyfriend Matthew Johnson (aka Matt J) on dating contest The Bachelor – so this bespoke collection is entirely on-brand.

Toni May Finery

The range encapsulates the same luxury boho feel as the brand’s previous designs, with the addition of precious stones such as moonstone, quartz, aquamarine and of course classic wedding diamonds. The duo has also made the collection available for brides on every budget: rings start at $500 and range up to $5000.

Teardrop cuts accentuated by halo outlines have been a customer favourite among customers so far, as has the option of contributing to the design process. Visit here for more details or to shop the Finery collection.

GALLERY: pieces from THE NEW ‘TONI MAY FINERY’ collection

Images: (1) Three-stacker, moonstone and grey diamond (2) Rutilated quartz, black diamond double stack (3) Rutilated quartz, white diamond and moonstone double stack (4) Double stack, black, white and grey diamonds (5) Champagne diamond with white diamond and moonstone (6) Grey and white diamonds (7) Grey and black diamonds (8) Rutilated quartz and starburst moonstone stacker (9) Rutilated quartz