The Australian bushfire crisis has seen unyielding support from all corners of the world. There have been 15-year-olds storming the streets of Sydney, proceeds from “Parmas” in London and barcode-bearing cuddly koalas clinging to poles in New York. The crisis has even touched Paris, with luxury French fashion house Balenciaga creating a capsule collection dedicated to one of the biggest victims of the fires, the Australian koala.

In response to the ongoing bushfire crisis, Balenciaga has today released white T-shirts and hoodies that feature a painterly image of the vulnerable koala bear. 100% of the proceeds from the sales of these pieces will be donated to the most appropriate local conservation organisation selected by the Kering Group, the brand’s parent company, and Balenciaga’s own sustainability experts. The koala collection follows on from yesterday’s news that Kering will also donate $1 million AUD to the cause.

As the ecological disaster unfolds, it’s feared the country’s native koala could become formally classified as “endangered”, as Environment Minister Sussan Ley said Australia’s koala population has taken an “extraordinary hit” in the fires with up to 30% killed.

Fashion with a backbone, Balenciaga’s cuddly koala is on sale today.

The T-shirts and hoodies are unisex and sold exclusively on starting Monday, January 13th, 2020.