I have an admission to make. I have trashed my Row bare leather sandals. I have trashed them so badly, they don’t even look like The Row anymore, rather a tarnished, inferior imposter. Every time I see their worn little sole, their smirched little straps, that gloriously butter-soft white leather carved from the inside out like someone has taken a sharp knife to it, I shriek. It’s like I’ve done burnouts in their delicate strapping and perfectly quaint kitten heel and I know somewhere Mary-Kate and Ashley are cursing the day I clicked add to cart on Net-a-Porter. And as much as I will never part with them and will forever look upon them with love and the utmost endearment – sole /soul ripped out and all – I am on the hunt for an equally chic, flattering naked sandal. I want the straps, but I want them delicate-ish. I want the criss-cross, but I want it flattering. I want the heel to purr, but not be too kittenish (I still want to be elevated, of course).

So after much research, the following make the cut – and what a deliriously chic cut it is. Undoubtedly the shoe of this and last season (an enduring style which in fact began with the cult cage heels of Céline-with-the-accent), the bare, flossy sandal remains steadfast in wardrobes despite any kind of wintery inclination one might feel.

Dear Row sandals, please forgive me. I will always love you, but for now I need to find some stylish, strappy substitutes that don’t look like a dog has run rampant in the shoe cupboard (and that are in stock).

The elegant white

GIANVITO ROSSI 55 leather slingback sandals, $1,030. shop now

the foolproof black 

NEOUS Venus faille sandals, $664. shop now

The textural strap

STAUD Gita croc-effect leather sandals, $412. shop now

the fancy-pants heel

JACQUEMUS Olbia ornamental-heel leather sandals, $816. shop now

the cheap thrill


The colour block

REJINA PYO Harley leather sandals, $572. shop now

The metallic marvel

PRADA Metallic leather sandals, $1,005. shop now