Sequence One: Crash Course

Her breath shortens as she clambers to some shade beside the wreckage. It’s still purring. Fighting the fall. Soon she will need to make a move. But not yet. For now she needs to reconcile. This is her fractured aftermath. But it’s only the beginning

Sequence Two: End Of The Road

Onward. Onward. Onward. Endlessly onward. She sifted and shifted through the salty, vapid dunes. Then, like an apparition, a road appears. A dusty, gravel track. Her nomad rears, and she tugs at the reigns. She breathes out then looks below. Her shadow is getting shorter

Sequence Three: Lost In The Mirage

Sweeping her legs from under her, a mythical tide rises. She’s pulled down further and further. Suddenly, with a snap, she’s released. She ricochets, weightless to the surface, gasping for air. She settles to the top, floating. steady, silent. The water grows calm and dissipates. A familiar, arid air swarms her once again

Sequence Four: The Sands Of Time

We are strong. We are still here. Thin streams of sand start to escape between her fingers. Then a cascade slips out beside her thumb. She opens her palm and surrenders, watching the remaining pieces flee like released insects. Perhaps right now, even if only for a moment, time is on their side