GRAZIA VISITE: Song For The Mute’s Melvin Tanaya & Lyna Ty Share Their Guide To The Best Bars And Boutiques To Visit In Paris

No gatekeeping here: the design duo breakdown the ‘locals only’ haunts worth a trip to the next time you’re in the French capital

We’ll Always Have Paris: The Restaurateur And Renegade Creative Consultant

‘Phamily first’ is the vocabulary that underscores the restaurateur and creative consultant’s work. Fuelled by an inherent sense of community, Julien Pham is found at the intersection of alternative brand strategy, salivating gourmand-inspired culinary experiences and always at the bar of the latest hospitality hotspot, including his newly-opened winery, Chop Chop.

We’ll Always Have Paris: The Vintage Clothing Boutique Owner

In the Marais, French-Italian Lisa Lingenti has curated a vintage fashion boutique ripe for sartorialist collectors and ’90s and 2000s collectors alike. In Lingenti’s trove, Nuovo, Tom Ford’s Gucci mingles with John Galliano’s Dior, resulting in a curated universe inspired by Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe. Her style isn’t berets or Birkins, but the zenith of a French fashion redux.

We’ll Always Have Paris: The Style Guru And Fashion Content Creator

As a mosaic of European avant-garde designers, content creator Lara Violetta encapsulates the contemporary Parisian paradigm towards a less sanitised depiction of their city and clothing. An amalgam of French sensibility, German underground expression and Belgian empiricism, Violetta’s Paris is one viewed through rose-coloured eyeshadow.

We’ll Always Have Paris: The ‘Francophile’ Author And Travel & Culture Journalist

Not a voyeur, but an avid observer, commentator and participant in the happenings of contemporary Paris, Lindsey Tramuta is a writer and content creator focused on documenting the cultural shifts in the city she calls home. Her first book, ‘The New Paris: the People, Places & Ideas Fueling a Movement’, could be viewed as an extensive compendium to this piece.

We’ll Always Have Paris: The Singer-Songwriter And Bona Fide Chanel Girl

Parisian-born musician Camille Jansen is the acme of cool. A bona fide Chanel muse, Jansen embodies the ‘Je nes sais quoi’ of French ‘It’ girls. Her Paris is one found in the proverbial mountains of a burgeoning career, with her gaggle of creative contemporaries helping her traverse the terrain of an unknown future.

At Loewe, Emily Ratajkowski Was Completely Naked Underneath Her Leather Trench

The mercury was rising, and EmRata was sweating outside Loewe’s show in Paris