The Lonely Hearts Club

The World Health Organisation has declared loneliness a "pressing health threat", and has launched a new commission to foster social connection as a priority in all countries. Here, an exploration into how the pandemic made isolates of us all

Into the Blue

How do you bottle escapism? Perfumer Sophie Labbé proves a powerful scent can transport a stationary population to the paradisiacal isles of Sardinia

Looking Goode, Feeling Gorgeous

GRAZIA talks to Artist, Television Debutant and Gender Illusionst Gigi Goode about keeping focus and just how bright the future really is

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Fashion has a long association with escapism. Modern surrealist Glenn Sandoval takes couture out of the fashion world and into a fantasy

Work of Art: Forever in Style with Carolina Herrera

An earnest dedication to the Matryoshka

Beauty Odyssey: An Introductory Letter From Our Contributing Beauty Editor

In a world where staying at home is the new normal, we’re instead traversing the globe through our beauty products – discovering new places through fragrances, ingredients, rituals and sensations. Here, GRAZIA takes a trip around the world, all without breaking a single travel restriction…

Beauty Odyssey: Travel To France With L’Occitane

Enjoy a tiny piece of Provence at home

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The serum that has sold two trillion units since launch