Media, take note – Zendaya isn’t here for your gender-presumptive questions, as evidenced by her reaction to a journalist asking her what qualities she looked for in a man during a recent interview. The Euphoria star was taking part in Vanity Fair‘s The Proust Questionnaire video series, which asks a number of revealing questions of its subjects in rapid succession.

But when the topic arose of what qualities she liked in a male partner, the actor was quick to gently correct the gendered question. After looking puzzled for a beat, Zendaya helpfully amended the query for the interviewer. “[What] I most like in a person, how about that?” she replied, before considering her response. “It’s such a big question,” she added.

“What is the quality I most like in someone? I would say, ‘kindness’ is kind of not the best way to describe it, but some people are just good people, and you can just feel it,” the Malcolm And Marie actor continued. “And I don’t know how to explain that, but there’s this little spark they have, or this little special thing that they have, that just you feel safe and happy around them. I don’t know what that is, but some people have it, and it’s special.”

The publication then followed up with a question asking, “What is the quality you most like in a woman?” The Emmy winner laughed, saying, “Well, I guess that’s the same answer.” The star has never addressed her sexuality publicly, and judging by her reply, she has zero plans to start labelling herself anytime soon.

It’s been a busy year for the 24-year-old, who will return to the Spider-Man franchise. Along with her co-stars, she jokingly revealed the title of the upcoming third film, telling fans it was going to be titled Spider-Man: Home Slice.

We will continue to stan.