Credit: Instagram / @_is_ness

Earlier this year, Zac Efron relocated to Byron Bay, Australia to wait out the pandemic by the seaside – and to seemingly fall in love with a gorgeous Australian model.

While in the beachy town, the actor frequented local cafes where he met part-time waitress Vanessa Valladares. The pair reportedly instantly hit it off and became inseparable and over the past five months, they’ve been spotted together numerous times, including on a ski trip. Last month, Valladares even organised Efron a birthday party.

But despite the story sounding like a fairytale romance, in a true 2020 twist, apparently the couple has recently called it quits.

According to a source at The Sun, despite Efron considering relocating full-time to Australia and talk of moving in together, work commitments have recently put a strain on the relationship after he was suddenly relocated to Adelaide to filming a new Stan Original movie, Gold.

Thanks to ongoing coronavirus restrictions, despite the actor still being in the same country as Valladares, and only a few hours away, he can’t return to Byron Bay to visit at all.

“Zac and Vanessa looked like the real deal,” The Sun‘s source said. “They were besotted with each other. So once he decided to stay in Australia long term, he suggested they buy their first home. They’d started to look at a few places but, sadly, fate wasn’t on their side.”

“Zac’s work and the ­­enforced distance has really taken its toll,” they continued. “Friends hope they can reunite, but it seems their relationship was more like a holiday romance than they cared to admit.”

Ah well, it looks like we have another disappointment to add to 2020’s hit list.