High fashion doesn’t typically go hand-in-hand with soccer, but this year’s World Cup is the ideal exception. In celebration of the competing nations (Go Australia!), Italian e-commerce retailer YOOX has assembled a team of each country’s leading designers to create a one-of-a-kind collection in honour of the 2018 championship.

Fittingly named YOOX Soccer Couture, the range of  T-shirts and sweatshirts are a unique take of the classic soccer-jersey worn by supporters and symbolise the relationship between fashion and sport. The creatives behind the designs have each infused their country’s values, patriotism and unifying love of soccer into the garments, sharing messages of solidarity with their visuals.

The collection also goes beyond the game, with an initiative to support the charity Stars for Children. Founded in 2015 by Russian soccer player Alexander Terekhov – who is also one of the collection’s designers – the organisation will see donations from each item purchased go toward supporting children in need and helping them to become a part of sporting communities.

More than just fashion or sport, this collection is a token of hope and support in a time when our world needs it most. Shop the collection HERE.

scroll BELOW for THE PIECES AND each designer’s inspiration 

Belgium, Y/Project: “For the #YOOXSOCCERCOUTURE 2018 project I chose to match the stitching of each garment to the colours of the Belgian flag.” – Glenn Martens

Brazil – Isolda: “The plants and wildlife of Brazil have been used to create a design that reflects the spirit of a vast multicultural country, united by a passion for soccer.” – Juliana ‘Juju’ Affonso Ferreira and Maya Pope

Colombia, Esteban Cortazar: “I chose butterflies because they have a symbolic and magical meaning for Colombia.” Esteban Cortazar

England, Vivienne Westwood: “Mirror The World is about saving Venice. The problem there is one of repair but also of climate change.” – Vivienne Westwood

France, Koché: “The colours of the flag are like energetic and vivid accents that wildly cross front and back. The multiple large prints of the KOCHÉ logo reflects the young, athletic feel of each item.”  Christelle Kocher

Germany, 11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi: “The military inspiration typical of the brand translates into a reinterpretation of the army T-shirt, in a completely black version. The word ‘Mannschaft’ is printed on the back, a term used in Germany to describe the national soccer team.” – Boris Bidjan Saberi

Japan, Kolor: “The main motif is the Rising Sun of the Japanese flag. The idea is one of unity: People are connected, form a group and become one through a passion for soccer.” – Junichi Abe

Portugal, Marques’Almeida: “Coming from a country with a passion for soccer is a great responsibility. I chose to work with the idea of striped soccer shirts, stripes also being a recurrent pattern for the brand. Playing with the proportions and colours of the Portuguese flag has made them more abstract, but still maintaining a strong sporting spirit.” – Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida

Russia, Alexander Terekhov: “The matches will be played in my country this year. It’s important to tell everyone that we’re right behind this event. That’s why I chose the words ‘fair play’.”  Alexander Terekhov

Russia, Walk of Shame: “This photo was taken near my hometown and it means a lot to me: ‘BПepeд’ means ‘Go!’. It’s a very motivating word, perfect for a game as competitive as sport.” – Andrey Artyomov

Senegal, Nio Far x Mwami: “The decision to use symmetry and position the iconic face of the Senegal lion in the centre is a direct reference to traditional African masks. The myrtle green colour on the other hand, evokes the fertile lands of West Africa and the myrtle wreaths used by the ancient Greeks to adorn the head’s of the winner’s at the Olympics.” – Milcos (Nio Far) and Papi (Mwami)

South Korea, pushBUTTON: “The Korean national team has a fan club called Red Devil, which for the team is like a twelfth player. I chose to pay tribute to it by creating a garment combining its red colour, symbolising the love of soccer, with the signature features of pushBUTTON styling.” – Park Seung Gun

Spain, Delpozo: “My personal vision of this sporting event: I’ve drawn the 11 players in the ideal Delpozo team.” – Josep Font

Switzerland, Ottolinger: “This graphic, with it’s two Swiss figures, underlines the brand’s innovative vision of fashion. A continuous combination of meticulous craftsmanship with an antithetical punk rebellion.” – Christa Bosch and Cosima Gadient