How far in advance does a global Instagram star plan her Fashion Week wardrobe when she knows she’ll be the focus of every street style paparazzi’s camera lens?

In many cases, it’s weeks and even months of showroom visits, outfit loans and style fittings. In Mimi Elashiry’s case for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2018 next week, it’s a far less structured exercise.

“To be honest I feel like my last-minute outfits are the best,” said the Sydney-based model, ballerina and photographer who boasts almost a million followers on Instagram, who co-styled then modelled six of her dream street style outfits for this story. All of the pieces were sourced from luxury online fashion store YOOX.

Part of the YOOX Net-A-Porter Group, the site launched in 2000 as the go-to shopping destination for fashion, lifestyle, design and art, featuring around 700,000 products from exclusive one-off pieces to collaborations with internationally renowned artists and environmentally responsible brands.

Says Mimi: “I actually have an album on my phone called ‘going to the store’ because more often than not I have the best outfits on and I’m literally going to the supermarket. Then when I have to wear something to fashion week or whatever I’m stumped for an outfit so I decided to make an album on my phone so if I’m ever stuck I can just wear an outfit I wore to the store.

“I think the key is having all your favourite and most versatile pieces out and about so you can like see them and make a quick decision.”

Elashiry is certainly well-positioned to know the kind of statement outfit photographers are looking for – she is herself a successful photographer (see for yourself here) and will exclusively shoot GRAZIA’s street style imagery every day at MBFWA18.

“The way I dress is kind of like a way of self-expression and creativity, so if I’m feeling like I want to wear all black one day [at fashion week] or to be a certain character, then I’m going to do it,” she says of her own looks. “I’m not going to wear something that’s pre-planned.”

The word character is key for the 22-year-old, who grew up in Sydney but moved to New York after school to study at the prestigious Joffrey Ballet School. Her self-described “eclectic” fashion style is inspired by her world travels and currently centres around four personas she light-heartedly describes: cowgirl, pirate, ethereal festival creature and urban Berlin (i.e. red and black).

“I have like lots and lots of vintage and new western stuff, from fringe coats to cowboy boots and hats. I also have like a lot of white billowy shirts and things with buttons all the way up, very pirate also on rotation.”

DAY 1: “My 1960s Barbie look”

Valentino, Short spotted dress, from Yoox. SHOP SIMILAR
Lanvin, Pearl Earrings, from Yoox. 
Chloe, Gold Belt, from Yoox. SHOP SIMILAR

“I felt like a 1960s-themed doll in this Valentino dress. I love to dress up and put on different characters.”

“Definitely the Paloma Barcelo platform sandals. They’re really memorable.” SHOP NOW


DAY 2 – “My daytime alter ego”

Moschino, Psychedelic casual pants, $422 from Yoox. SHOP NOW
Balmain, Rainbow striped top, $1275 from Yoox. SHOP NOW
Robert cavalli, earrings, from Yoox. SHOP SIMILAR
Giancarlo Petriglia, Colour block handbag, $1593 from Yoox. SHOP NOW

“I love that this look with the Balmain top. Of the six looks, it encapsulates my eclectic style the most. The Moschino pants are so cool and the whole outfit felt fun to wear. I felt the most confident in this of the six outfits because it’s really beautiful and so me.”

“The bag is really cute but I’d have to say the pants.” SHOP NOW

DAY 3 – “Sexy mod rocker”

David Koma, black leather dress, from Yoox. 
Givenchy Agate necklace, from Yoox. SHOP SIMILAR

“This David Koma leather dress is something I would wear outside fashion week on a very special occasion. It was very tight, but I felt great because it was sucking me in like one of my ballet tutus from when I was little. When they were zipping me in I was like ‘oh yep, that feels like a corset, its good’.”

Racine Carree, black ruffle ankle boot, $531 from Yoox. SHOP NOW

FAVOURITE ELEMENT: “I think the Givenchy necklace is super interesting. I like crystals so that giant slice of agate was really nice to play around with.” SHOP NOW

MOST VERSATILE PIECE: “The Racine Carree ankle boots.” SHOP NOW



HBA Hood By Air, Black Mesh Hustler short dress, $173 from yoox.  SHOP NOW
Wanda Nylon Pants, Wet look casual pants, $201 from Yoox. SHOP NOW
Lanvin, gold cuff, from Yoox. SHOP SIMILAR
Lanvin, chain necklace, from Yoox. SHOP SIMILAR

“This isn’t a look people are used to seeing me wear, but I am super-interested in new age streetwear brands. It’s fun to dress in a way that’s unexpected and I felt pretty bad-ass in this look.”

FAVOURITE ELEMENT: “The red Dolce & Gabbana boots are so cool.” SHOP NOW

MOST VERSATILE PIECE: “The shoes again. I reckon they’d work with a lot.” SHOP NOW 

DAY 5 – “The elegant clown”

Galvan London, long satin dress, $610 from Yoox SHOP NOW
M Missoni, Multi-coloured Silk top, from Yoox SHOP SIMILAR
Givenchy, Large agate necklace, from Yoox SHOP SIMILAR

“This one was more like a Harlequin kind of theme – a clown dressed in a beautiful silk dress, like a little girl’s dress-up box outfit, but in a really good way.”

FAVOURITE ELEMENT: “The pink Galvin London dress. I’m kind of just a sucker for a silk dress. I can never have too many.”

MOST VERSATILE PIECE: “Again, the dress.”

DAY 6 – “Ready for the after-party”

Maison 9 Paris, Short dress, $119 from Yoox. SHOP NOW
Saint Laurent, Black mesh bra, $332 from Yoox. SHOP NOW
KIX, Black leather pants, from Yoox. SHOP SIMILAR  

Tom ford, High waist belt, sold out. SHOP SIMILAR

“This is an equal tie for my favourite look of them all, along with the Moschino pants. I love the Tom Ford cage belt and amazing Saint Laurent bra. I can imagine myself wearing this in New York to a Fashion Week after-party. This whole look is like my night-time alter ego.”

Balenciaga, Pink Handbag, sold out. SHOP SIMILAR

“The belt for sure. I died when I saw it. It has a beautiful velvety texture. SHOP SIMILAR

MOST VERSATILE PIECE: “Definitely the bra.” SHOP NOW


Presented by GRAZIA in association with YOOX. Shot on location at Ovolo Wooloomoloo.