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Winter is good for a lot of things (warm drinks, chunky knitwear, open fires) but skin is not one of them, especially the skin on our body. When it’s cold, it’s easy to ignore everything south of the neck for three to six months, but the truth is that your entire body (not just your face) can benefit from a little TLC when the mercury dips. To help you on the road to hydration, we’ve rounded up the best in new winter-appropriate body products, from non-irritating shower gel to rich, shimmery creams.

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Bangn Body Illuminating Firming Lotion, $56. SHOP NOW
The much-anticipated new launch from Bangn Body is finally here, and it certainly doesn’t do things in halves. This time around, the cult face and body firming lotion has an added shimmer made up of biodegradable mica. It’s not at all subtle – think golden, JLO at the Superbowl-level sheen. And like the original, it contains natural hydrators like shea butter, jojoba and avocado. It had a 50,000-person waitlist on launching so we suggest getting in quick.
Body Products
Aesop Citrus Melange Body Cleanser, $52 (launches July 6). SHOP NOW
Damp, dark winter mornings can take a toll, but this zingy new body cleanser from Aesop is the perfect way to wake yourself up pre-dawn (after coffee, that is). Gentle and low-foaming, it combines that signature herbaceous Aesop quality with the brightness of petitgrain, jasmine, lemon rind and grapefruit.
Body Products
Liha Beauty Idan Oil, $71. SHOP NOW
This oil is pure luxury – a delicious blend of cold pressed coconut oil and tuberose for a rich, decadent moisturising experience. Because it’s coconut, it will solidify in the cold, so take it into the shower to warm up before you massage it in.
Body Products
Sensori Detox + Glow Shower Oil, $49. SHOP NOW
Shower gels are great but if they contain sulphates (foaming agents) they can be particularly drying – not ideal for winter skin… or any dry skin for that matter. This plant-derived pick is an oil that turns into a soft milky foam when it comes into contact with water, so will leave skin smooth and supple post-shower. Try it if you’re lazy and hate applying moisturiser.
Body Products
La Mer The Renewal Oil Body Balm, $250. Shop nOw
Meet the creme de la creme (or should we say creme de la mer) of body products. Buttery and rich, this oil-balm glides over skin like nothing else, leaving a subtle sheen and soft, powdery scent. Aside from the brand’s iconic Miracle Broth, it’s also full of lush oils, so will keep skin softer for longer.
Body Products
QV Intensive With Ceramides Hydrating Body Wash, $23. SHOP NOW
Itchy, flaky, irritated skin can feel confident using this soap-free wash from QV, knowing it will help soothe and comfort. Designed with those who suffer from eczema and other skin conditions, it’s full of ceramides and niacinamide to protect the skin barrier, thus preventing moisture loss.