Overnight Beauty Treatments
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Lately, my bedside has amassed a small stockpile of beauty products. What once was a humble duo of lip balm and hand cream now looks like four sleeping masks, a teeth whitening pen, hair treatments and pimple patches – all of which are designed to make one more beautiful while they snooze. Call it multi-tasking, call it beauty sleep, call it pure genius. Whatever it is, we’re here for it. See all the best new overnight beauty treatments below.
Overnight Beauty Treatments
Dr Lewinn’s Recoverederm Intensive Overnight Barrier Repair Balm, $75. SHOP NOW
This is essentially a night cream on steroids – a heavenly balm that glides over skin, soothing and hydrating all at once. It’s rich in probiotics and ceramides to help protect and reinforce the skin barrier, meaning your face will be more resilient to stress and less red/angry/blotchy. Bonus points for the cooling effect and quick absorption.
Overnight Beauty Treatments Tatcha The Kissu Lip Mask, $45. shop now
This gloriously rich, buttery balm is the perfect bedtime accompaniment. The gel-oil texture is full of Japanese peach, camellia oil and rose-derived squalane for soft, hydrated, pillowy lips on waking.
Overnight Beauty Treatments
ZitSticka Killa, $40. SHOP NOW
Eliminate any blemish in eight hours with these tiny micro-needle patches. The little spikes are actually made up of ingredients like niacinamide, salicylic acid and tea tree, and when pressed onto a blemish they actually get right in there and speed up healing. The surrounding “sticker” keeps it clean and safe. Press gently onto clean dry skin and marvel at the improvement when you rise and shine the following morning.
Overnight Beauty Treatments
Dermalogica Retinol Clearing Oil, $132. Shop now
This skincare/overnight treatment hybrid is designed for acne-prone skin. It’s an interesting mix of antibacterial jojoba oil, time-released retinol and salicylic acid to simultaneously speed up skin cell turn over and dissolve excess sebum and pore-clogging bacteria without drying things out. Easiest clarifying treatment ever.
Overnight Beauty Treatments 111skin Meso Infusion Overnight Micro Mask, $208. SHOP NOW
These micro-dart patches are the perfect at-home treatment the night before a special occasion. They are fitted with 150 “micro cones” that contain pure hyaluronic acid and vitamin c, and when pressed onto the skin, they gently transport said ingredients into the deeper layers of the dermis. Designed to be worn overnight, they work a treat anywhere that you feel needs plumping – like under the eyes, on the crow’s feet, frown lines or nasolabial folds. The effects are short-lived, but incredible.
Overnight Beauty Treatments
Colgate Optic White Overnight Teeth Whitening Treatment, $35. SHOP NOW
Teeth whitening is often messy and annoying but this overnight pen from Colgate has changed that. You simply paint the pen over teeth after brushing and hit the sack. It’s a non-sensitising peroxide formula that will deliver on its promise of subtle brightening over time.
Overnight Beauty Treatments
Syrene Skin Aqua Hydrating masque, $107. shop now
Syrene is a new brand hailing form New Zealand that recently launched in Mecca. This nourishing mask in particular is like a thick, clear gel that melts into skin promptly (so you won’t mess up your sheets) and hydrates incredibly well thanks to a huge dose of glycerin, seaweed and Manuka honey. Try it if your skin is feeling tight, stressed or less-than-shiny.
Overnight Beauty Treatments
Innisfree Brightening Pore Sleeping Mask, $34. SHOP NOW
This sleep mask is light and fresh so won’t weigh down skin prone to shine (unlike other overnight options that can feel buttery – great for dry folk, not so much everyone else). The hero ingredient is Jeju Hallabong peel extract – a citrus fruit that contains actives proven to brighten. Use it as the last step in your evening skincare routine a few nights a week, really massaging in to burst the “capsules” suspended within the product.
Overnight Beauty Treatments
Laneige Cica Sleeping Mask, $48. SHOP NOW
A saving grace for red, angry or irritated skin, this mask is based on the concept of cica cream and uses Forrest Yeast to heal and repair the skin barrier while you sleep. Hypoallergenic and really nourishing, it will calm redness and soften a flaky, tight or winter-damaged complexion. It’s very rich though, so use sparingly at least an hour before you hit the sheets (or, put a towel down – no one wants slick linen pillow cases).
Overnight Beauty Treatments
Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask, $78. SHOP NOW
This dual-phase option contains an essence to infuse moisture (made up of rose water and hyaluronic acid) and a creamy mask to sit atop and lock all the good stuff in, thus preventing moisture loss overnight. Try it refrigerated for a mini facial before bed.
Overnight Beauty Treatments
Slip Pure Silk Turban, $95. SHOP NOW
Anyone who feels personally victimised by frizz, breakage or squashed curls when they wake up needs to try a silk hair wrap. They protect hair prone to breakage (very real when tossing and turning all night) eliminate contact frizz and soften the effects of movement on curls, whether natural, textured or heat-treated. While not for everyone, if you find sleep adds to the weight of your styling routine, we highly recommend.
Betterbare Sleepy Bare Gummies, $60. SHOP NOW
Formulated with lemon balm, tart cherry, Manuka honey and magnesium, these gummies help to promote restful sleep and a general sense of calm come bedtime. Try them with a cup of chamomile tea every night for the perfect wind-down routine (they also taste delicious).