What is it about the collegiate Americana thing that ever-impresses? The preppy clothes, the sporty accessories, the red cups on campus. Growing up on the other side of the world, this was a deliciously romantic (and foreign) lifestyle viewed endlessly via teen movies and angsty TV shows. There was a time during the 90s when, for any outsider, it felt like the USA was one giant high school party, where everyone lived in a Connecticut mansion and was preparing for college orientation day.

Varsity was a nineties fash-phenomenom but unlike so many of the era’s eyesore trends, its vibe has remained a classic. There’s something so fresh and energising about rocking a sporty short, a pastel sweatshirt, a crisp collar, a wind-cheater and a peaked cap. Something in-character but also so very practical. How comfortable to get around in neo-athlete gear that looks so chic! How indulgent to go out for lunch in threads fit for a country club, even if your destination is the supermarket and coffee shop on the corner.

Varsity is one of those styles that never goes out of fashion. In fact, if you own a closet full of jerseys and polos chances are you have them on high rotation…always. It’s never-fail weekend wear, regardless of your proximity to any kind of campus.

And if anyone knows the ins and outs of varsity-power, it’s Tommy Hilfiger. The eponymous designer has been giving the USA-treatment to casuals for more than 30 years. Since Destiny’s Child was a four-person group, since Brian Austen Green did in-store appearances, since Naomi mused the runways (again), since Cam and Ed got party-loose together and…since Leo rocked a bowl cut. Tommy Hilfiger is the Godfather of sorority sartorialism and, this season, he’s delivering must-have Upstate accoutrement once again.


Pepping the look this season is candy-striped shirting, drill shorts and hard-wearing blue denims, but it’s the oh-so-wearable kicks and totes we’re adding to cart immediately (and you can add to cart now, via Tommy’s new Australian online store). White-on-white sneakers, logo caps, red-white-and-blue belt bags and preppy totes all confirming that Tommy is the unofficial king of collegiate.

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As a label, Tommy Hilfiger is making waves. With big-name ambassadors in the form of Hailey Baldwin, Lewis Hamilton and Gigi Hadid, with high-profile collaborations such as Tommy X Zendaya, with sustainable practices and with acclaimed collections (including mega runway shows!) that are both customer-focused and future-trending. So, it’s little wonder that Tommy’s core accessories are making for covetable collectibles for the year ahead. And really, since their guise is varsity’s endless fashion sensibility, it’s likely they’ll be collectible for much longer than that.

So, welcome back to our high rotation prep-goodies, you’re the fresh, practi-core we need in our lives…with just the right amount of bleacher-hanging chic. We’re off to buy some red cups, dust off the yearbooks and find that TV Hits poster of Brian Austen Green.

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