Quintessential red-white-and-blue denim brand Tommy Hilfiger is going green.

The company currently fronted by Hailey Baldwin has announced it will include jeans styles made of 100 percent recycled materials – right down to the swing tags – in the Spring Summer 2019 collection dropping February.

Created in its Amsterdam-based think tank, the PVH Denim Centre, the denim is made from cotton fabric rescued from cutting tables and factory floors that would have otherwise become land-fill. The stitching thread is made from recycled plastic bottles and the buttons from dead (unsold) stock.

While the pieces themselves haven’t been unveiled, we do know there will be both classic tapered and mom jeans, plus a unisex trucker jacket in the 100 percent recycled line.

“The cotton is as soft, as strong and as stylish [as new fabric] but it uses less water, fewer chemicals, creates less CO2 and reduces waste,” says Tommy Hilfiger Global’s CEO Daniel Grieder.

The company’s iconic namesake is a major proponent of the move too. “We have a responsibility to future generations to manufacture products in a more thoughtful way to protect our environment,” Hilfiger said. “Starting with how we design and produce some of our denim styles, we want to inspire consumers to make sustainable changes.”

Sofia Richie was the face of the Tommy Hilfiger Denim 2017 campaign