Forget stamps in your passport or Instagram location tags. Right now, the most fashionable way to tell the world which style hotspot you’ve just been is stamped with a telltale GG pattern and hangs over your arm.

As an ode to what Gucci deems the nine style metropoles of the world – Tokyo, Dubai, Shanghai, Rome, Hong Kong, Dubai, as well as the obvious ‘big four’ New York, London, Milan, Paris – the Italian brand has created a special edition series of appliqued Dionysus City handbags. (Little surprise, then that its home country features two of the nine style hotspots.) 

Each of the nine bags still features the signature double tiger-head clasp (Greek mythology says Dionysus transformed himself into a tiger), but has also been embellished in a nod to the city it’s named after, with a bee symbol and the location patched on the inside.

The London, say, stars a roses and a snake. Dubai sports dragonflies and the Hamsa ‘evil eye’ guard symbol, while New York is a quirky combo of red lips and bleeding heart with radiating stars and Shanghai is bedazzled with a baby blue bow motif. 

All are collectible and equally lust-worthy. But here’s the catch: you can only buy each of the styles in the city it’s named after.

So if cherry blossoms teamed with lightening bolts is your thing, you’ll need to jet to Tokyo with around $6000 spending money or beg a friend on the ground there for you, pronto. 


Gucci, Tokyo Dionysus City bag, $5970. AVAILABLE in store


Gucci, New York Dionysus City bag, $5970. AVAILABLE IN STORE


Gucci, London Dionysus City bag, $5970. AVAILABLE IN STORE


Gucci, Milan Dionysus City bag, $5970. AVAILABLE IN STORE

PS. This cool Dionysus City video clip is totally worth 46 seconds of your day…

Cover and Title Image: Getty Images