In what seems to be a year hallmarked by all things retro coming of age (again), blush too is making a rosy comeback. In the annals of beauty, blush has long been used by women throughout the ages. From the Ancient Greeks who crushed mulberries, beets, strawberries and red amaranth and patted them on cheeks, to the blue-blooded lasses of France dabbing rouge (very) liberally, whilst those in Britain even pinched cheeks to fake that festive natural flush.

Fast-forward to today, and more specifically the backstage abyss of fashion week and the like, and in unison, the gurus have proclaimed the revival of the blush.

Nigel’s trend forecast for the year was resolute:

“Blush is back – rose, peach, coral are my frontrunners this year.”
His interpretation however, was a youthful one. “Instead of applying the blush in a C-shape upwards, we’re bringing it down. The blush is going to be very natural and very young. We’re going to apply in a teardrop shape which starts at the side of the nose and goes down to the side of the mouth. Like you’ve been running in strawberry fields.”

Or sipping one too many strawberry daiquiris – whatever tickles your culinary fancy.


The sentiments also resonate with celebrity makeup maven, Michael Brown.

“Fresher makeup is in for 2017; it makes the face look more realistic by adding colour and radiance.”

“Harsh contouring and one shade faces are out. I love blush, but soft. A dash on the upper apple of the cheek creates lift, rather than a contour shade, which recedes.” And his palette preference for the year? “Peachy shades are the best for all skin tones, as it warms a fair skin tone and brightens, yet also compliments an olive complexion.” We’ll take a bite into that for ripe and roseate cherub cheeks.

Credit: Instagram, @bellahadid
Queen of the glow, Ania Milczarczyk, has also swapped her highlighter palette for a brick of blush. “Blush is a trend, too. It took me ages to get into blush, so I’m a bit late to the party which is why I’m so excited about it!

“I’m like, yay blush!”


By all accounts, it’s a resounding yes for the rosy cheek.


Nigel’s Pick
Maybelline dream bouncy blush in petal rose, $8.
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Michael’s Pick
Marc Jacobs Air Blush in flesh & fantasy, $62.
Laura Mercier Crème Cheek Colour in Oleander, $37.