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According to The Hollywood Reporter, The People V. O.J. Simpson director Ryan Murphy has secured the rights to the book A Vast Conspiracy: The Real Sex Scandal That Nearly Brought Down A President. Written by the same author who penned O.J., it is widely believed producers of American Crime Story are madly rushing to develop the Lewinsky-themed screenplay and have reportedly begun casting. So who would play 22-year-old Lewinsky who had an affair with 49-year-old President Clinton in one of the biggest in-office scandals in American history? GRAZIA shortlists a few names for your casting eye. 

Alexandra Daddario
Could this be the role that blasts the 30-year-old into the big league? Daddario (who shares physical similarities to a young Lewinsky) tops our list as most-likely to play the White House intern. 
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Jenna Leigh Green
Her most famous role without a doubt was playing Libby Chessler, the nemesis to Melissa Joan Hart’s wildly popular Sabrina The Teenage Witch. While Green is the spitting image of Lewinsky, she is now 43-years-old which unfortunately rules her out. But could she perhaps play today’s Lewinsky looking back?
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Lea Michele
Well, she has worked with Ryan Murphy for years on the set of Glee so we think Michele may fast-track her way to the shortlist of Lewinsky-players.
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Meghan Markle
Imagine if Prince Harry’s girlfriend played the American President’s mistress?
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Rachel Bilson
Could she come back to our screens and forever drop the tag as Summer Roberts? Or is the role too big for her?
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Kristen Stewart
She’s proved her versatility – even in the girliest role like Woody Allen’s Veronica in Café Society. One to watch. 
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