2019 has seen many a beauty trend permeate from runway to real life: neon, negative space, naked manicures, glitter… Judging by both the celebrity circuit and the scope of fashion weeks, the underlying theme was doing the most, makeup-wise. We wore lipstick again, fussed with eyeshadow, and liquid eyeliner – contested as it may be – saw a resurgence. But it was anything but black (and to be blunt, boring).

Instead, one of the biggest liquid liner trends that happened over the past 12 months was white. The opposite of its inky cousin, white liner is great because it’s everything black isn’t: fresh, awakening and more forgiving when it comes to mistakes. Use it at your disposal: extend into a thick, dramatic wing like Sophie Turner, or just brush subtly into the lash line for peepers that are wonderfully pepped up. If you’re blessed with a steady hand, use white to layer on top of black or another shade (blue, pink, and lilac work wonders) as well for a dual finish that’s both impressive and wonderfully flattering. See the white liner lineup below, and happy painting.








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