Credit: Instagram/@summerfridays

After a lengthy hiatus, skincare brand Summer Fridays has finally announced when Jet Lag Mask is coming back to shelves. The cult skincare product was pulled from global shelves earlier this year, after customers reported experiencing redness and irritation while using it. After realising that a batch of its best-selling masks had been compromised by a third manufacturer, Summer Fridays quickly responded by recalling the mask, offering refunds and apologising to its loyal devotees.

During the long period of time without access to Jet Lag Mask, fans regularly lamented the loss of their favourite hydrating product. But now the brand, which was founded by friends Lauren Gores-Ireland and Marianna Hewitt in 2018, has relaunched its iconic Jet lag Mask with an upgraded formula and stricter production protocols, and Instagram is very, very happy.

“Jet Lag Mask is coming back – with an upgraded formula free of fragrance and essential oils,” Summer Fridays communicated on Instagram. “Our upgraded formula will have all of the qualities you’ve come to expect from Jet Lag Mask — including deeply nourishing and hydrating benefits, thanks to a power trio of niacinamide, glycerin and hyaluronic acid plus our new skin-soothing blend.”

The brand revealed that it had completely removed fragrance from the formula after extensive customer feedback, which once contained essential oils to give Jet Lag Mask its signature peppermint scent. It also added a number of new skin-soothing ingredients to the tube, including vitamin B5, chamomile, and comfrey.

Since its initial release in 2018, Jet Lag Mask went on to become one of the most popular skincare products on the market. It also became a celebrity favourite, with everyone from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Kim Kardashian proclaiming themselves fans of the deeply hydrating formula. In 2019, one tube of Jet Lag Mask was even said to sell every two minutes at Sephora US, so it’s little wonder many are eager to see its return.

Jet Lag Mask will officially be coming back in stock from June 15 in the USA on the Summer Fridays website, with stock to be rolled out soon to other stockists, including Australia and across all other regions. We’ll be setting a calendar update!