Celebrity makeup artist Gucci Westman is an authority when it comes to creating glowy, healthy, supremely-radiant skin. With clients like Em Rata and Anne Hathaway, not all of us can have her paint our face on a regular basis, but we can use her line of makeup products, Westman Atelier.

Designed to emulate her signature radiance, the ultra-chic line is made up of creamy blush, nourishing foundation sticks, glassy highlighters, a clean mascara, as well as brow and eye products. I own a few myself at home – the Vital Skin Foundation Stick, and Lit Up Highlighter in the shade Its Lit – and use them religiously.

Deynece Petri, Westman Atelier’s Global Education Manager, was in Sydney recently to share some upcoming brand launches, as well as a makeup demo using the brand’s signature formulas. I consider myself somewhat adept when it comes to applying makeup (especially of the natural/glowing variety) but Petri shared a skin prep tip that surprised me – and since trying has changed my makeup for the better.

We all know highlighter to go on top of our base to add sheen, but Petri instead suggested working the Lit Up Stick in Nectar (a very soft peachy pink that’s phenomenal on all skin tones) into skin pre foundation for a luminous, hydrated finish.


I took this tip home with me and tried it the next time I wore makeup. I massaged Nectar into clean skin with warm fingers before buffing in a thin layer of the Vital Skin Foundation Stick. The end result was perfect: glossy, nourished skin that looked believable – and not like I just just swiped a sticky highlighter onto cheekbones. While the Lit Up stick works perfectly for this technique, I’d say it’s transferable across any cream highlight with a thin consistency.

Bare Skin:

With Lit Up Stick in Nectar:

With Vital Skin Foundation Stick:

You could stop there, or add just a touch more highlighter onto high points (such as the nose or cupid’s bow) and blush for extra dimension. And there you have your best-ever complexion, without added time or effort.

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