A night celebrating the most creative, most talented and most talked-about members of the worldwide music community, the Grammys is also host to what has to be the world’s wackiest red carpet. As artists who make a living expressing themselves through music, it’s little wonder many of them take this opportunity to also express themselves through fashion. The 61st annual Grammy Awards happened tonight in Los Angeles, and the red carpet was a feast for (assault on?) the senses.

A world away (literally and figuratively) from the BAFTAs that happened overnight in London, the Grammys red carpet is a shocktastic wow-a-thon. What will happen next, you wonder, as Cardi B dressed as a human oyster and pearl (actually a 1995 piece of couture by Mugler) totters past Post Malone in a studded pink leather suit who stands next to Lady Gaga in a new Celine silver gown. Then there’s guy dressed as an actual Grammy and Katy Perry as…Fairy Floss Barbie?

Wherever you emotions take you as you watch the world’s top singers/rappers/performers pose in the world’s most mad and fab couture, you know you won’t be bored.

Please peruse the best of 2019, a crazed conglomerate of wacky couture or a glorious breath of creative fresh air? You decide..