Australian ingestible beauty brand Vida Glow is best known for its Marine Collagen, a hydrolysed powder that works to improve hair, skin and nail health (one unit actually sells every four seconds).

But in exciting news, the brand have expanded their ranging to include Radiance, a targeted capsule treatment that works to improve skin luminosity, hyperpigmentation, dark spots and overall tone.

The capsule is formulated with a blend of antioxidants, plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and carotenoids — plus SkinAx2™, an award-winning extract that combines French grapeseed and melon extracts.

Uneven skin tone is fundamentally caused by excess melanin (which is responsible for natural pigment), and can look like a dark spot following a pimple, age spots, melasma during pregnancy or general dullness. It’s partly genetic, partly due to sun exposure or skin injury — and all those who suffer know that pigmentation in all its forms is incredibly difficult to treat.

The Vida Glow Radiance Supplement

In a clinical trial performed by Vida Glow, ongoing use of Radiance was proven to:

  • Luminosity is increased by 26%
  • Facial imperfections are significantly reduced by -18%
  • Skin elasticity is improved by 9%
  • Dark circles significantly reduced by -12%
  • And 82% of women were satisfised by the efficacy of SkinAx2™ on skin radiance.

The product is vegan, and the recommended dosage is one capsule per day. According to the brand, users should start to see results around the 60 day mark.

It’s a really exciting launch for Vida Glow, who have been pioneering the ingestible beauty category since their initial launch in 2014. Founder Anna Lahey says that Radiance marks the new phase for Vida Glow as a brand, who are all about proven, breakthrough formulas that deliver tangible results.

Radiance is available from today, and retails for $90.


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