Duckie Thot, Rita Ora and Jesinta Franklin / Credit: Supplied

Australian-born supplement icon, Vida Glow, has been steadily growing a fan base since 2014. Due to its clinically effective Marine Collagen signature range, one unit is sold every four seconds. Today, Vida Glow launched globally from Sydney with the likes of Rita Ora, Duckie Thot, Gemma Ward, Jesinta Franklin and the brand’s founder Anna Lahey in attendance for the event.

There is a reason the brand has been slingshot into international stardom. This little packet of powdered magic is built on the principles of quality and efficacy. Working from within, Vida Glow’s Marine Collagen promotes optimal skin function, delivering essential micronutrients to the collagen matrix below the dermis.

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While by our mid-twenties our collagen reproduction begins to decrease – eventually reflected through wrinkling and fine hair – ingestible beauty has been harnessed by time poor millennials and generations beyond to get their quick fix through a glass of water or even meal. Ask any editor what’s in their desk and I can guarantee Vida Glow’s packets are peppered throughout.

When it comes to the founder’s own day on a plate, she previously told GRAZIA, “I have a smoothie in the morning with Vida Glow Beauty Protein. I add coconut and almond milk, oats, a banana and fresh mixed berries. For lunch, I either have a salad or sandwich. My dinner is protein and vegetables unless I feel like a delicious pasta. I do eat a bit of chocolate every day. At the moment, my favourite is the Lindt Fruit Sensation Blueberry & Acai Dark Chocolate – so good!”

“I created Vida Glow because I wanted to share the real results of collagen – I didn’t imagine the global potential,” Lahey says of the global launch. “Now we’re paving the way forward in every sense, from the products we formulate to the markets we reach. As we expand, we are taking the opportunity to evolve Vida Glow and cement ourselves as the international leaders in ingestible beauty.”

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Available in seven flavours (including a tasteless iteration), Vida Glow’s Marine Collagen is now available at and will be available in online markets, including; Australia, USA and Europe – regions not previously privy to the brand until now. In addition, Vida Glow will be stocked in leading international retailers including Harrods Beauty and Douglas, as well as local leading retailers including Adore Beauty, Myer and David Jones.