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Taylor Hill is easily one of team GRAZIA’s top office crushes. Whether she’s in full bombshell mode coming down the Victoria’s Secret catwalk, raising her familiar-face status during fashion week or serving up screenshot-ready street style inspiration – our obsession doesn’t discriminate.

One thing the all-American beauty makes a continued case for is the full, fluffy brow, and judging by a recent Instagram post Taylor Hill has been packing a power brow since before she could tie her shoelaces.

Celebrating her brother Chase’s 17th birthday, Hill posted a baby pic of the pair with Taylor’s tiny face already framed by a pretty incredible pair of brows.


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With Hill having a 14-year head start on her fluffy brow empire, it leaves the rest of us with no choice but to turn to the freshest bevvy of full brow promoting products.

Where once brows were all about getting that perfectly defined shape and super sharp arch, the latest batch of mousses and waxes tap into the trend towards a fuller, fluffier finish. Microfibers build on hair fibres and waxy pencils create a background haze that never looks harsh or too perfect.

So while some of us might never achieve Taylor’s amazingly fluffy and full arches by ourselves, we can now fake it.

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