Sex Pants

Victoria Beckham’s latest Instagram post is the Friday treat we all so desperately needed. The English fashion designer posted a photo climbing a ladder in her kitchen to get her children snacks ahead of her date night with her husband, David Beckham. In the pic, she wears skintight vinyl trousers teamed with a beige blouse and black stilettos. The look is undoubtedly chic, but the greatest part of all is what she’s nicknamed the figure-flattering bottoms: “sex pants.”

“Domestic goddesses wear plastic pants!” the designer wrote in the accompanying caption. “Sorting the kid’s snacks before date night… can’t wait to see what you’re wearing @davidbeckham 😂,” adding a hashtag that’s bound to go viral: #sexpants. As of December 11 at 4:26 p.m. EST, her husband has yet to respond with a suggestive (or witty) snap of his own. He has, however, recently posted a shirtless photo, but perhaps that’s beside the point…

If Victoria’s black pants look familiar, that’s because she posted about them on her Instagram Story on March 2020, before wearing them to her son, Brooklyn Beckham’s 21st birthday party with a white blouse. At the time, she gave them another name besides “sex pants,” calling them “squeaky pants” instead. While they may be noisy, they are apparently easy to dance in, because the former Spice Girl grooved until 6 a.m. while celebrating Brooklyn’s big milestone.

On December 11, she reposted the Instagram Story, linking the brand-new pants using the Instagram swipe-up feature. There’s no doubt that they’re a great wardrobe essential, perfect for pairing with tailored jackets, loose blouses, and second-skin tops. For a slim fit like Beckham’s the brand recommends sizing down. 

GRAZIA’s linked the slim trousers below so you can slip them on for your next date night, or, just look really cool while hanging out at home.


Victoria Beckham