If you wannabe on-trend this winter, you gotta chop off your hair. Well, according to Victoria Beckham, anyway.
Saying goodbye to her tumbling brunette mane, Beckham set herself up as the new leader of Hollywood’s razor-cut, angular bob elite at the hands of Luke Hersheson.


Revealing her fresh look on Instagram, the designer captioned her post “#chopchop,” before stepping into the sunshine for a spring-time-themed photoshoot in the daisy-filled grass.

Slightly longer at the front, her signature effortless waves still in tact despite having lost some of their former length.

Despite being one of our favourite former hair chameleons, Beckham has been sporting some version of long brunette waves for several years now, making them her trademark look since shifting out of her 2007 platinum blonde bob.

This current cut oozes OG Posh Spice appeal with a decidedly modern edge proving once again that nothing spices up your life (or at least your look) quite like a hair transformation.  


Cover Image: Instagram @victoriabeckham
Title Image: Instagram @victoriabeckham