Modern-day icon Donatella Versace said it best. “In the ‘90s there was such a specific idea of a man but since then fashion has evolved dramatically and today one cannot define men in just that same, clear way.”

“Everything has changed, and today’s society allows everyone greater freedom to express themselves with their clothes as well as with their actions,” she elaborated in the show notes supplied as an insight into the spirit behind her newest men’s collection.

GALLERY: THE Versace Men’s AW19 runway SHOW


In short: a modern man feels comfortable pushing boundaries. He conforms to nothing and isn’t afraid to skirt stereotypes. (Sounds familiar, ladies?)

“What I wanted to show in this collection are the different facets of a man, who, like everyone, dresses according to the occasion and has gained the courage that he didn’t have before,” Versace continued.

“If I had to find a word that defines today’s men, it would be daring.”

It’s a notion not confined to men – women have celebrated the idea of screaming their mood and attitude through their wardrobe for decades. It’s practically Emily Ratajkoswki’s modus operandi, after all.

A vocal advocate for celebrating her right to wear whatever she wants, Emily Ratajkoswki looked sensational on the runway. (Credit: Supplied)

Clearly, it was no coincidence the often-controversial model and actress walked the Versace men’s runway too, along with models of the moment Kaia Gerber and Bella Hadid.

Men being allowed to enjoy style their own way across the board without raising eyebrows is way, way overdue. Now, about that modelling industry pay gap…


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