While winter might be taking its sweet time to arrive in Westeros on Game of Thrones it has well and truly taken hold in Australia. After a summer that felt longer than Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s marriage, it is finally time to trade your thongs for Ugg boots, if you’re that way inclined.

In years gone by, before Global Warming and the Kardashians (I’m not saying that the two are connected), there was a season known as autumn which gave us time to acquire new season coats, cashmere jumpers and leather boots in time for the colder months. Now that autumn has gone the way of Paris Hilton, Ryan Lochte and The Good Wife, people have hit the streets in last season’s beanies, scarves and trench-coats hoping that no one will notice the march of time and smell of mothballs. Fact: we notice.

Let’s work our way from the feet up. You’re going to need some new boots. Those knee high black boots have been flogged to death and the zip either pinches your tights or calves every time you wear them. The solution is Chelsea boots or elastic-sided riding boots. They ground feminine looks without going full military like Nicolas Ghesquiere’s warrior women at Louis Vuitton. Look to Bianca Spender’s polished Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia show for how to wear homegrown heroes RM Williams with significant flair.

Eveningwear with a rural twist: RM Williams footwear on the Bianca Spender Resort 2017 runway
Credit: Getty Images

Your next investment is a coat. Yes, the trench is a classic piece, cropped or full-length but it might be time to mix things up. You can go full ‘90s and tap into the cocoon shape, which is strangely slimming and hides a multitude of winter sins (go ahead, order that spaghetti carbonara). Dion Lee is the master of this subtly structured style, with leather patch pockets breaking up his perfect long line black coat, which falls just below the knee.

dion resize
Dion Lee Long Line Coat, $1090. SHOP NOW

Another options is a coat that offers the comfort of a bathrobe, like the Naomi Watts Coat from Sportscraft. I had sadly written Ms Watts off as an actress who spends part of her time in Nicole Kidman’s coven chanting spells that offer immortality and free dresses to wear to the Oscars. Instead the talented actress can also deliver relaxed winter wear. Warning: do not wear this on top of a pyjama suit unless you really want to look like you’re suffering from an addiction to Stilnox. resize Sportscraft Naomi Watts Coat 49999
Naomi Watts created this coat with Sportscraft to raise money for charity Barnardos.

Sportscraft, Naomi Watts Coat, $499.99. SHOP NOW

Finally we reach the fun part, accessories. A beanie is great for weekends, especially with a playful pom pom but it doesn’t suggest that you’ve read Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In. The same applies to baseball caps, which should be reserved for weekends and ute musters. Look to sculptural felt hats and bucket-styles to add ‘40s flair as well as warmth to any look. Romance Was Born were right on top of the trend at MBFWA by collaborating with Australian milliner Helen Kaminski.

Then we have gloves. Look for quality leather styles and try to resist the trend towards fingerless styles. They suggest either an addiction to Tinder that gloved fingers can’t accommodate or a fondness for looking like a wildling from Game of Thrones. Winter is here!