Another day, another ‘best of beauty 2022’ edit for your reading pleasure. After covering off skincare last week, today I’ve compiled the top 10 makeup products I’ve tried (so far) this year.

From creamy lip and cheek tints to the second best concealer I’ve ever had the pleasure of using, below you’ll find a curated selection of editor-favourites. Keep reading to shop.



Dior Addict Lip Glow in MIss Dior, $60. SHOP NOW

Lip Glow has been a mainstay in my makeup bag since I tried it for the very first time. The soft pink balm looks completely natural but still elevates a natural lip, and the finish is just glossy enough without looking juvenile. Miss Dior is a newer shade that’s got a warmth to it; I love that the ‘pink’ is slightly more muted than the original 001 shade, too. It is limited though, so if you want it you better move quickly.

Amy Jean lamination brow gel, $44. SHOP NOW

There have been countless brow launches this year – some with a lot of hype – but overall I’ve been underwhelmed. But this new gel from Amy Jean has changed my makeup routine. While I’m not really one for the laminated look (my brow hairs are just too long, and it looks comical), this has an incredible consistency that’s strong enough to fluff hairs and lock them in place, without a crunchy, shiny finish. I love the applicator, too! It affords amazing control and allows you to really manipulate each hair.

BYREDO Astronomical Volume Mascara Deep Black, $72. SHOP NOW

Since I got this formula, I’ve used it almost exclusively. The silicone brush is the perfect shape to sculpt and lift each lash, while separating them for nice length. I find the formula itself is almost a little bit dry and tacky, which translates to amazing hold and zero flakes. Also it never clumps, the black colour is inky and rich, plus the packaging is epic.

Rose Inc Softlight Luminous Hydrating Concealer, $45. SHOP NOW

I have always been a NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer girl. Never EVER did I think another formula would come close but the Rose Inc Softlight Luminous Hydrating formula does. The main difference is that this one is slightly creamier, so it works well over a large surface area (I find NARS amazing on redness and pimples, but maybe slightly too dry for all over the face). This one is also non pore-clogging, blends beautifully and affords great coverage that’s still natural. I use it in place of foundation, and will 100% be repurchasing it when it runs out.

Byredo Liquid Lipstick vinyl, $71. SHOP NOW

Admittedly I bought this because the campaign imagery was insane, but it’s a really, really nice formula that’s surprisingly multi-purpose. While designed as a lip gloss, it sits nicely on the eyes and cheekbones, serving up a wet-look skin finish I’ve become a bit obsessed with. It’s tackier than a traditional highlighter but the gleamy-ness is unmatched. Also again, the packaging is just too cool. I love the clear but the other shades are beautiful, as well.


Kosas Revealer Skin Improving Foundation SPF 25, $63. SHOP NOW

I remember when Kosas initially launched with a handful of lipsticks. Lara Worthington post them on Instagram so naturally I was interested. Back then, it was minimal and understated, but now the brand has a bold, fun personality that feels consistently fresh. But the products themselves, wow. Described as ‘makeup for skincare freaks’, Kosas has served up some stellar formulations over the years. The pressed powder is amazing, and the lip balms are epic. I also love the body products! But the star here is the Revealer Skin Improving Foundation. Light and luminous, it improves the look of skin but not in a way that feels heavy or done. It’s also packed with ingredients like squalane, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, so I feel like I’m doing my skin a service when I wear it. If you only buy one foundation in the new year, this is what I’d recommend.

Westman Atelier Vital Pressed Skincare Powder, $113. SHOP NOW
Another brand that does complexion so well is Westman Atelier. Honestly I almost always hate powder because it’s chalky and dulls the skin, but with all this rain and humidity, I need something to suppress the oil-slick that is my face. Silky and super fine, this formula weightlessly settles onto the skin, reducing shine but without the associated flattening effect. A tiny but around the chin, between the brows and under the eyes has become a staple step in my makeup routine. Bonus points for the antioxidant content (it allegedly offers protection against blue light).

Not only do these tinted pots from Chanel look devastatingly chic, but they serve up the best dewy cheek colour ever. I find them really plumping and energising, plus they blend nicely given the level of pigment. The smell is also really pretty! I love Berry Boost for a sunburnt look (minus the actual sun) or Lively Rosewood for everyday freshness.

HOURGLASS Ambient Soft Glow Foundation Brush, $71. SHOP NOW

This brush is excellent. The bristle are soft but dense to effectively buff in product, and it’s small enough to achieve a second-skin finish – especially if you don’t apply foundation to your entire face. I find most complexion brushes fail to really push product into the skin the way fingers or a blending sponge do, but this is the exception. It’s expensive, but the quality is great and it easily doubles as a contour/blush/highlighter/applicator.

Charlotte Tilbury Quick & Easy makeup kit in Super Chic, $75. SHOP NOW

All Charlotte Tilbury products are amazing, but these ready-made makeup kits are genius and beyond perfect for busy people. They come fitted with an eye crayon, lip and cheek tint as ell as a highlighter; a trio that’s essentially enough to do an entire face. Now if I’m heading home for the weekend, or on an overnight work trip, this plus concealer, brow gel and a mascara is all I’ll pack.