If you haven’t been able to get to your local nail artist recently, you might have attempted to attend to your tips at home. My Instagram feed has been filled with DIY attempts from friends recently, albeit with varying levels of success. And the one style they all seem to be emulating is the same nail trend that’s been consistently donning the digits of the style set for several seasons – the French manicure.

As you’ve likely seen splashed all over your own social media, alternating pastel French tips seem to be the understated entry point for those looking to try nail art. Even nail enthusiast Kylie Jenner has dabbled in the tropical-hued French manicure trend, choosing opposing orange and green shades for each hand, before switching to the classic neutral with white tips combination.

It’s a cute look if you can manage to land a nail appointment, but trying to create the same effect at home can be tricky. If you haven’t been blessed with ample artistic skills and a steady hand, trying to create those crisp crescent shapes can prove disastrous – which explains why a new TikTok hack has subsequently gone viral for making the process unbelievably simple.

The videos in question demonstrate an absurdly easy technique for getting the perfect French tip shape in less than five minutes. Using a silicon nail stamper (you can buy one online for less than $6), TikTok creator NailzKatKat applied a small amount of nail polish to the bouncy surface, before delicately pushing the tips of the nail into the colour.


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It worked, leaving behind the perfect French tip without any mess or mistakes. Other users have since experimented with the same technique, only using an everyday makeup sponge instead of the silicon nail stamper. Following the same process, creator mariazarkova14 also endorsed the hack, saying it resulted in easy application but required practice.


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Looks like we’ll be updating our manis at home this weekend!