It seems Christmas is coming early this year thanks to Tiffany and Co, with the beloved jewellery brand opening its first Australian pop-up store in Emporium Melbourne, situated in the city’s CBD.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the pop-up is the fragrance vending machine (painted Tiffany Blue, of course), which lets you pick up the brand’s signature fragrance while you’re there. We’ve seen champagne water cooler memes, but this dispenser is a whole new level of luxury living.

The novelty Tiffany & Co. fragrance vending machine. (Credit: Supplied)

Lucky folks who are just a car ride away from the freshly-minted Tiffany Blue location will also be able to select from the brand’s iconic jewellery collections including Tiffany T, Tiffany Tags, Return to Tiffany, Home and Accessories.

On site, there’s also a Make It #MyTiffany style bar where their shiny new pieces can be engraved or embossed. Jewellery-lovers can also receive a personal sketch engraving if purchasing from select products.

Alongside these staple pieces are exclusive, Australian-inspired products available to those shopping in-store, featuring stereotypical local expressions like ‘Aussie and ‘G’day’.

If you can’t make it to Melbourne in time for Christmas, perhaps Santa can help you out over an extended period, as the store’s expected to remain open for several months into 2019 too.