How did the world’s most famous jewellery store celebrate the launch of its Believe In Your Dreams campaign? By shutting down streets in the one and only New York City, of course.

Not only was the luxury jewellery brand stopping traffic, it also drew on iconic movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s as inspiration for an unforgettable opening scene recreation to act as film clip for a new cover song of the 1961 flick’s theme song Moon River.

Actress Elle Fanning and rapper A$AP Ferg are the celebrity faces behind the new campaign, selected for their polarising image which embodies the campaign’s message of being ‘a place for people from all walks of life’.

Tiffany & Co.’s chief artistic director Reed Krakoff talks about the brand’s intent on creating the unique project for the launch…

Behind the scenes of the Moon River remake music video featuring Elle Fanning
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“We wanted to take a fresh approach to the campaign, juxtaposing something visually extraordinary with a song that is a nostalgic nod to the past with something wholly unexpected and of the moment.”

The brand definitely delivered on manifesting this creative vision. The album cover of Moon River is fronted by Fanning and Ferg with the actress and musician duo with also starring in the accompanying Breakfast At Tiffany’s-inspired clip.


Elle Fanning behind the scenes of Tiffany & Co’s music video for the Moon River cover

BTS with A$AP Ferg and Elle Fanning recording the cover of Moon River

Rehearsal: Elle Fanning for Tiffany & Co.’s latest campaign

Fanning, again BTS, wearing and shooting for Tiffany & Co’s Believe In Your Dreams campaign

Elle Fanning and A$AP Ferg BTS in the recording studio