The power a lick of lipstick beholds is infinite. Confidence and lipstick have long been inextricably linked; an idea notionally spun on a post-Depression pick-me-up, with wands of pigmented colour being handed out to women as a conduit of female empowerment. With this, lipstick will forever render a certain confident prowess, and whilst there have now been countless iterations, our current fancy is of the liquid variety – liquid lipstick.

Trust the French, and namely Dior, to develop a new liquid lacquer which sits – or slicks – somewhere between a stain, a tint and a lipstick, and superbly so. Dior captures afresh the preferred (pout) poison of women everywhere – liquid lipstick – and cures any makeup conundrums which may have been giving you lip. Too dry? Too flaky? Too thick? Too transferable? With thanks to the inimitable Peter Phillips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup, our lip prayers have been answered. The Dior Addict Lip Tattoo vacillates between a stain and a tint, a natural flush of colour, it’s what Phillips describes as an “ephemeral tattoo” – a beauty paradox if you will, but one that makes perfect sense.

“I’m delighted that we succeeded in creating a lip stain that ‘tattoos’ the lips with a luminous finish and the feeling of bare lips. Impeccable long wear in a beautiful range of tints.”
Possessing a tattoo-like, inky effect, it stays resolutely in place, even upon touch (think baguette-eating, champagne-drinking, French kissing). But, it also possesses an ephemeral personality. A stain which has been tempered with translucence, its boosts the natural colour of the lip with a subtle luminosity. The water-based emulsion is a welcome blend of stain, pigment and emollients, making for the most comfortable, weightless, bare-skin sensation yet. 

Whilst it strongly riffs on liquid lipstick, it evades the typically tacky, sticky viscosity, breathing an airy, new light into everyone’s current lip obsession. Neither matte nor shiny, it’s a “tattoo” finish sans the obligation, (perfect for those commitment-phobes).

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Being a multitasker, it also distils your lip wardrobe down to one essential; an inky tint that stands the (perfect) test of time (ten hours – to be precise).

Too often, when makeup comes tagged with the “long-wearing” by-line, a superhuman finish ensues. We’ve all been there; three-day old kohl that won’t budge, clomps of mascara no amount of heavyweight micellar water will dissolve, eye shadow inked so intensely one-time experimental green eyes now seem a life sentence. Whilst the idea of 24-hour, 48-hour and so forth may seem like a good idea in theory, its functionality can prove otherwise. 10 hours however, is the perfect sojourn for your lips – taking you from long lunch to sundown Sangrias, or heady nights dancing under disco balls and the like, ready to be removed when required.


And the colour-wheel is refreshingly streamlined, with six (as oppose to sixty) coquettish shades to choose from; Natural Pink, Natural Coral, Natural Cherry (Bella Hadid’s fave), Natural Rosewood, Natural Mocha and Natural Berry. Dior making the important decisions (trust us, they know their stuff), so you don’t sit flummoxed for hours in beauty counters.

Application is quick, easy and intuitive, with a bevelled foam applicator which follows the natural contour of the lip in smooth, sweeping motions. Simply wait a few seconds for the colour to fuse and set, and dance (or even rave) the day and night away. Boasting a high IQ, it also acts as a primer for any other Dior lipsticks, proving a beautifully supple canvas and boosting both colour and texture. 

This is the only lip service you need; a perky, just-pecked pout with a barely-there sensation. So, you can kiss and (not) tell. But, with one slick of Dior Addict Lip Tattoo, you’ll want to tell just about everyone.

Dior Addict Lip Tattoo, $44. shop now