If you’ve ever had the privilege of doing one of Kirsten King’s Pilates classes, you’ll know you can’t walk for about a week after. “Never trust a smiling blonde Pilates teacher,” she says grinning, as she’s aligning your body into a position which summons nothing but burn. She’s right. Behind that pretty face is a set of killer hands, which with every tiny, unassuming adjustment, sets your entire body into a wobbly world of pain. But this is the good kind of pain. The pain thats sculpts buttocks, tones legs and defines triceps. Truly. But for those outside of Sydney, who don’t have such privilege (and pain!), Kirsten King is now bringing her expert brand of Pilates into your own home.

Introducing Fluidform At Home, an online membership service which brings that famous King method to you. Offering a considered mix of total body workouts and targeted mini blasts crafted by King, her “aim is to ensure you have an amazing Pilates workout every single time to create stronger leaner muscles and reveal the body you never knew you had,” she says, anywhere, anytime, on any device (without a trip to Danks St). Honing her inimitable approach to Pilates for the screen, you can now practise her modern, dynamic and highly specific style on the fly; be it while binging on MAFS at home, or in hotel rooms while travelling, basically it’s perfect Pilates on-the-go.

New videos will be added monthly, building a varied library of workout options to keep members challenged and ensure each members’ personal Pilates journey continuously evolves. Fluidform at Home will also share King’s workouts for some of her best known clients including Pip Edwards, Elle Ferguson and Marcia Leone Members of Not So Mumsy, giving an insight into some of the famous bodies Kirsten has helped to create.

Perhaps the most outstanding proponent of the Fluidform physique is P.E Nation co-founder, Pip Edwards, who with steel-cut abs and toned pins swears by King’s method. “With my hand on my heart, I can genuinely say that Kirsten King has single-handedly holistically changed my mind, body and soul with her specialised and dedicated training. Pilates with Kirsten has become a part of my weekly routine, an absolute non-negotiable. I have never felt stronger, fitter, healthier, nor looked leaner and love the overall connection to my body through a feminine grace, which is paramount to my fitness journey.”

Fluidform at Home is available for $49 per month. Each member receives a free equipment pack upon sign up.