Perhaps the most exciting part of today’s beauty climate are the endless innovations and evolutions of trends and textures. Jelly cleanser? Yes, please. Grain-free exfoliants? Where do I sign? Sheet masks catering to every inch of your body? I’ll take two for my elbows, thanks. But while skincare sees us experimenting at home, it’s lips that are transforming textures and translating them for the streets.

Photography: James Mills, Hair & Make up: Monika Bunic, Model: Lauren Feenstra / Priscillas

In an era that embraces extremes like never before, we’ve seen everything from sugar formulas that dissolve to leave a berry-bitten stain, to frost finishes that update the mid-2000s trend for a new generation. Ever since Pat McGrath adorned models’ lips in vivid, high-voltage glitter at Versace’s haute couture fall/winter 16/17 show, glittery lips have been the force we never expected. Fast track to spring 19, we saw Swarovski crystal-coated lips at Valentino and rose gold foil lips at Jeremy Scott – further proof the shimmer-hit lips aren’t slowing down.

Photographer: Michael Roses, Model: Deborah Labartino, Makeup Artist: Cindy Galhac

Looking for a statement lip that works in the real world even after the selfie is secured? Try powder. Boasting a blurred finish that’s matte without the heavy intensity of a liquid lipstick, powders offer a punchy pigment that won’t catch on flakes. M.A.C’s Powder Kiss Lipstick was designed to replicate the hazy lip look that has proved a sleeper hit, consistently seen at Fashion Weeks since fall/winter 17. Or for a more precise take on powder, try Chanel Rouge Allure Liquid Powder, which glides onto lips, stays put and can be blurred out for a just-kissed effect.

Of course, gloss is the easiest way to try a non-traditional texture – just be sure to dial it up. In a sea of matte, next-level lustre can be refreshing and is easily the most life-friendly. Whichever avenue you take, be fearless, as this isn’t a trend for the faint of heart.