Elly Becky The Bachelorette Australia
Credit: Channel 10
GRAZIA: How did this all come about? How did you both apply to channel 10?

Elly: “Well we didn’t apply; we were approached I think when we were doing casting and scouting that they must have seen some videos of Becky and I on my Instagram. Some awesome travel videos after being in Europe.”

Becky: “I think they capture all the memories and the good times, and I think they must have seen that. I also did a bit of a surprise 30th skydive adventure and they came up with the idea all on their own. It was a bit of a shock but pretty huge surprise.”

Were you both in from the get-go, or were you hesitant?

Elly: “I think, we both had to have a good hard think about it. When we were approached it wasn’t a sure deal so we just went with the process and the further we got along in the casting process the more we were like, ‘You know what? Let’s go on this adventure together and find love with each other in this crazy unique way’.”

Elly, you’re only 25 years old, what brought you here? What guys or men have you dated in the past?

Elly: “I had a really serious relationship when I was young, I was with someone for five years and I was in love. For us, we just grew apart and he is a great guy but we both needed to go our separate ways and grow as individuals before we were ready to really settle down. I just needed to be me and figure out and settle into myself as a person, date people and see what I do and don’t want out of a partner and out of relationships. And I did that. I dated all kinds of guys since then and I think I’ve learnt a lot on the way from a few. So, I guess that’s what led me here. I had some time after ‘The Bachelor’ to really work on myself again and heading into ‘The Bachelorette’ I took some time to really think. I really reflected and realised I am in a place where I am ready to find and be with that person I want to build a future with and have kids with and I want to essentially get married too.

“A lesson that I’ve learnt from a past relationship is, there’s no use in being with someone that you don’t see a future with.”

Elly Becky The Bachelorette Australia
Elly / Credit: Channel 10


Becky, you’re 30, same question for you. What brought you here and what lessons have you learnt along the way from some of the guys you’ve dated?

Becky: “When I first found out they were thinking about the two of us I thought, ‘What do you want me on the show for?’ I was in shock. I’m just some ordinary girl. Last year I was dating a guy and I met him a couple of months before I went on my Europe trip with Ellie. I’ve packed up my life and had big dreams to go and live in the UK after our travels, sold everything, said goodbye to all my friends and went travelling with Ellie for the first eight weeks or so. At the end, he came and did some travel with us.

At the end of it, I thought, I don’t meet people who I like enough to want to be in a relationship with. I want to give love a chance so I came back from the UK and gave up all my dreams to be with this person. I found out he was lying and cheating and being someone who I didn’t think he was. It was very heart breaking at the time because I gave up everything to be back here for him. I think for me, coming on ‘The Bachelorette’, I was a little bit sceptical, I’m a very private person and I thought how I am going to go with the media, but I’m so ready to find my human. I’m going to do this for me. You don’t get given this kind of opportunity with your sister. Let’s do it. Why not.”

What an incredible story, I had no idea. It’s about shifting energy and that energy is now on you and your journey and nothing to do with him. What are you both looking for? What are some qualities you like?

Becky: “For me, I want someone who is kind and can have a laugh with, who is friendly and nice to people. I don’t like mean people or people who do mean jokes. Just someone who is a good person and someone who I have that chemistry and that connection. A lot of the time you have a wish list, but that chemistry and emotional connection is big.”

Elly: “For me, I think all those qualities are important to me as well. But I guess I want someone who is down to earth, easy going, respectful and honest. I guess a difference for me is I want someone who is a bit like me – adventurous and someone who can challenge me. Someone who is a bit sporty and keen to give everything a go and wants to live life and have a good time.”

What happens if you both like the same guy?

Becky: “We’ve never been in that situation before. If we’d been out and about and Elly says, ‘Oh he’s hot and I’m like yeah he is hot, go for it’. But there’s never been a situation where we’ve been in competition with each other over anything. Coming into this, we didn’t have any concerns and there was none of that. There was no arguing or fighting amongst the two of us. We didn’t like the same guys; it just didn’t happen.”

Elly: “I think the way we sort of describe it, yes, we met all the same guys and we got to have conversations with all the same guys, but we didn’t have connections with the same guys or go on dates with the same guys. If you think about it, anyone that Beck is interested in is potentially going to be my brother in law. So, if anything, I just want to scope him out and make sure they’re good enough for her. There was no nonsense of cutting each other’s grass. We aren’t like that at all.”

You’re so right about kissing about someone who could potentially end up with your sister. Was anyone, either of you, skeptical that one of you might not find love? It is an idyllic idea that you would go on this show and have many guys in front of you and one of them will be the person you’re meant to be with for the rest of your life.

“Our main hope was that at least one of us would come out with love.”

Becky: “Obviously, the end goal is both of us and both end up happy and go on this amazing journey together. You know what happened with the bloody Honey Badger, he didn’t pick anyone. That will go down in history but crikey, like how often do you walk into a bar and meet the guy you want to spend the rest of your life with? I guess those thoughts were in our heads before we went on there, but we were so lucky that we had genuine, beautiful connections with the guys in the house.”

Elly Becky The Bachelorette Australia
Becky / Credit: Channel 10
One of the challenges for the Bachelor or Bachelorette is that they can’t say anything, so it’s nice that you get to experience it together. Now we have seen a lot of drama from the girls on Locky’s series, are we going to see drama from the men on yours?

Elly: “I don’t think so. We had such a great bunch of guys. Everyone had a lot of respect for each other and Beck and I aren’t girls that thrive on drama or want to get around that, we don’t enjoy that, and we made that pretty clear to the boys from the start. But honestly, our boys just loved each other. They were great mates and it was such a great dynamic being two of us because I got to be friends with Becky’s boys, and she got to be friends with my boys. Everyone was just bro-ing out. It was great. There was one little incident but it’s not something that will overthrow or take over the end goal, which is a beautiful love story.”


How are you going with keeping the secrets?

Elly: “I guess keeping a secret is easy enough, but it’s being away from your boys and not being able to hug them or kiss them and be with them, that’s difficult. There’s a lot of FaceTime and texting. I think we are really lucky, a lot of the Bachelors and Bachelorettes have had to wait a long time between filming ending and the show starting but for us, it’s going to be a quick turnaround.”

Up until recently you were unknown. Now you’ll be household names. Are you worried about anything?

Elly: “It’s a nerve-wracking concept. For me I have definitely been introduced to that having been on ‘The Bachelor’ last year. That was definitely an adjustment for me, and I guess coming into being the Bachelorette with my sister, that’s just going to level up. We both have had conversations about that, and you know in line with the media, there will be good and bad. I think something I learnt in the last year is don’t look for the bad stuff. There will always be bad, there’s a lot of support but if there’s negative stuff don’t look at it, don’t let it get to you. If there’s something really important you should know about, someone important to you will make sure you’re aware of it. I think it’s just about protecting yourself as well and not letting someone impact on your happiness and that energy.”

Becky: “I think Elly and I are both in a very happy place in ourselves as well. We don’t really let other people affect us. We know who is important. I haven’t been through the whole media thing, but I only really care about what my loved ones think. So, I’m just going to try and focus on that.”

Finally, have you spoken to the current Bachelor, Locky. Has he given you any tips?

Elly: “No, we haven’t spoken to Locky at all. But Angie reached out which was nice. We’ve been chatting with Angie and she’s beautiful and she’s given us some advice on how to cope through these times where we are having to be away from our boys, with the media and everything. She’s offered her support and an ear to talk to.”

The Bachelorette returns to Channel 10 on October 7.