Taylor Swift, serial wedding crasher, is presumably unfazed by the rising cost of attending weddings
Credit: @taylorswift

If you’re at all inclined to pay attention to news stories about nuptials, you might be forgiven for thinking that the only cost incurred by staging or attending a wedding was having Taylor Swift steal your thunder.

New data released today by ING Direct begs to differ. The findings, compiled by Galaxy Research, instead indicate that the average Australian will not only fork out $694 to attend a wedding but will spend as much as $1,300 before they decide to skip out on the proceedings altogether.

From a poll of 1,000 Australians, the findings from which ought to be heeded by all brides-to-be (to be frank), nearly half (46%) of all respondents agreed it was selfish of the betrothed to ask their guests to spend a significant amount on celebrating their love – an amount that over half of the surveyed Australians (56%) believe is increasing by the year.

In a telling indictment of our shared propensity to spend blindly and spend big, more than three quarters of respondents (77%) revealed that they hadn’t budgeted adequately for the most recent weddings. Millennials were also found to be more inclined to spend more than other generations in every category save for hair and makeup, as well as travel and accommodation, preferring instead to go HAM on a strong wedding look and a gift that keeps on giving (besides all the fresh Instagram content they’ll inevitably generate). 

As far as those gifts are concerned, the research also found that the minimum amount deemed acceptable to spend on gift is $127 – a handy sum to keep in mind next time you find yourself confronted by any gift registry from Harvey Norman to Hermés. 

Tile and cover image: #gioandoscar