As we gear up for the nation’s biggest fashion festival next month, VAMFF, we thought we’d do our sartorial due diligence and introduce you (or perhaps reintroduce you) to the truly fantastic brands walking in our hotly-anticipated show, Runway 7.

Those with even a slight fashion sensibility will most likely be acquainted with some of the list below (they’re kind of a big deal), but with the breakneck pace of fashion, it’s often easy to forget even your most favourite of brands.

Now, time to get acquainted with the hottest brands in the land.

For a decade now, C/Meo Collective has stood as the directional, high-end label for discerning Australian fashionistas. Jumping on the trends-of-the-moment with cutting-edge design and premium fabrications, it’s luxury fashion made affordable, the kind of pieces that garner a: “where did you get that from?” And there’s nothing quite better than that.

Double Rainbouu
We’d had the pleasure of several “hangs” with Double Rainbouu founders Mikey Nolan and Toby Jones, and trust us, they as just like the clothes they create: a good time. Made for “beach babes and pool punks”, the brand began with their take on the humble Hawaiian shirt and has since evolved into one of Australia’s cult resort brands. But instead of linen and straw, it’s prints that punch you in the face (the good way) and saturated colour, basically the antidote to traditional resort wear. A little subversive and very cheeky, all the cool cats from Bondi Beach and beyond are wearing their colourful, crazy designs. Because the only thing better than one rainbow is two.

Karla Špetić has always stood as a pillar of creative, artful and interesting design in the Australian fashion landscape. Her pieces are like wearable art; quirky, off-kilter yet always beautiful. With an ethereal quality, they possess as much charm and personality as a piece of clothing can have.

Nagnata is characterised by movements – not seasons. This applies to all aspects of the brand – both in terms of trends and wearability. A brand designed for modern movement, it transcends the studio into the street, with pieces that hybridise fashion and lifestyle culminating in a brand for the every woman, everyday. They’re sustainably-minded with minimal waste, too, so you can move consciously and beautifully.

Purveyors of perfect basics, Melbourne-based brand Nique know what their chic locals want: timeless staples that transcend trend and season. The kind of pieces every wardrobe should have, if you ask any stylish Melbournian what their closet comprises, it will most definitely have Nique’s classic hits. Remember, classic never goes out of fashion.

Ten Pieces is the unofficial wardrobe of the Bondi crew, AKA the coolest creatives, hipsters and culturally aware hood rats. Subverting traditional notions of beach wear with its inflated proportion and moody palette, it’s a little punk, a little athletic and very contemporary. Think of it as an avant garde take on Bondi Beach – and a very cool one at that.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be chatting to all six designers about their upcoming collections, the biggest trends for the year and their ultimate Melbourne hot-spots. Stay tuned.

and don’t forget to get your tickets to VAMFF runway 7 here!