The countdown is on. It’s less than a week until the biggest fashion festival in Australia – VAMFF – kicks off, and almost two weeks until the biggest runway at VAMFF – GRAZIA’s Runway 7 – closes the fashion party with a sartorial bang.

So to get us in the fashion spirit, we spoke to VAMFF’s Creative Director, Stylist of Runway 7 and general styling extraordinaire, Peter Simon Phillips, about what to expect from Saturday night’s electric finale. On the fashion agenda? Creative self-expression, youth culture and a lot of personality (of course, she’s a GRAZIA girl after all).

So in the wise words of Madonna, whether you’re ready or not, it’s time to “express yourself” with GRAZIA at VAMFF.


You have styled many VAMFF shows, why do you love the GRAZIA and ICON one in particular?
I have been working with VAMFF for years now, the sheer scale of the shows in incomparable in Australia. I love the creative freedom with GRAZIA / ICON; it’s expressive and positive, it’s a show I really get to have some fun with. I love the mix of men and women on the runway, it so current to whats happening internationally at the shows.

What is your overall creative direction behind Runway 7?
We have a great mix of brands Double Rainbouu, Ten Pieces, Karla Spetic, Nagnata…I try and start by finding a common link between them all and build from there. There is def a strong connection to youth culture across all the brands, a sense of freedom and self expression…You’ll have to get to the show to see where that’s going to take us.

Who / what inspired you?
I love fashion’s connection to youth culture, a freedom of expression that is strong at that time in our lives. Im inspired by how people wear clothes and the messages we are sending into the world with them.

What trends and must-have pieces will the audience want to replicate or purchase after the seeing the show?
Print and colour, always. Anyone that knows me knows I love it, but that being said bring on some monochrome too. Trends are out the window and its all about self expression. There will be so much to lust over I don’t even know where to start.

Can you tell us a little bit about the brands you’re working with in Runway 7, why you’re excited to work with them and how they reflect Australian style?

C/Meo Collective Amazing print and colour, wear it as sets or mix it all together; C/meo likes to have fun, she’s on trend and ready for anything life throws at her.

TEN PIECES – Are the new Bondi, Aussie beach culture but make it urban, chic and sleek.

NAGNATA – Australians love the outdoors and the lifestyle that goes with it. Nagnata is fitness gear at its best. innovative, colourful and perfect for the gym and lunch after.

Double Rainbouu – Australians loves colour and print and Double Rainbouu give us what we want. Casual beach style, clashing print, Jenny Kee 2020.

NIQUE – Quintessential urban uniform, all your wardrobe staples with a dark edge, think Melbourne underground

Karla Spetic – Pretty with an edge, the Karla girl is expressive and individual.

In your eyes, who is the GRAZIA girl and ICON boy? And how have you incorporated her in your styling?
They are chic but individual, they have a personality and option, that they are not afraid to show and share with the world. They like to dress for an occasion and have fun while doing it. The show will be a celebration of all those, accessories to help tell stories and take us on a fashion journey to be inspired by.

Can you please share a couple of your favourite ever styling hacks?
1. Three prints are a charm
2. Confidence is Key
3. Accessories make the look, the more the better in my option

What are the big fashion trends for 2020? And what do you see on its way out? (or would like to see on the way out!)
2020 and for ever more is about conscious self expression. Transparency, sustainability, diversity. Knowing what your buying, who made it and what it is made from. Key pieces that build on what you already own, that tell a story and give you the confidence to the best version of yourself. The world is too small now trends are out the window.

Will we see you at the GRAZIA and ICON after party?
There’s a party? OBVI, see you there!

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