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It’s been 365 days since Taylor Swift hosted that 4th of July party, the one with the telling pictures of her then-unconfirmed relationship with boyfriend Calvin Harris. In short, on this day in 2015, Swift made her fling Instagram official.


And in the wake of Harris re-following Swift post-breakup (and then answering fan questions about the split), the singer has put on a very public display of affection with new boyfriend Tom Hiddleston from Rhode-Island-to-Suffolk-to-Rome-to-Rhode-Island-again. And this time, for her return to her AUD$22.6 million waterfront – the place she was spotted first kissing Hiddleston just two weeks after breaking up with Harris – Swift is outdoing her last Independence Day party. For who would Taylor Swift be if she wasn’t always attempting to one-up everyone, including herself?

Swift in a less-than-exciting Forever 21 “America” two-piece was little match for Gigi Hadid’s toned tummy. But then again, anyone was probably out-doing the man in the “I [heart] T.S.” white singlet in the water that was Hiddleston. So British in his attempt to shield himself from the sun, he made yet another obvious and too-soon love confession; he’s told the 26-year-old singer he is indeed in love with her. If you don’t believe me, see his red heart tattoo.

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But where did he get this hideous singlet? Does Swift store them in her mansion? Did a fan give it to him? Why is he covering up his Bond body? Abigail isn’t getting her fair skin burnt. Put some sunscreen on, Tom. And at what point did he say, “Darling, I think I might choose the white for a swim in the sea.”? The mind boggles.

In any case, here is Swift – with friends Gigi Hadid, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Este Haim, Karlie Kloss, Abigail Anderson and Ruby Rose – showing that she’s just fine without Harris, thank you. 

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