If anyone is going to make us fall in love with colour, it’s Hung Vanngo. Even those with the most minimalistic sensibilities can’t help but be swayed by a little Vanngo colour play.

This time, riding along the Vanngo rainbow, we’ve stopped at orange, but not just any orange. A crisp, fluorescent orange. The neon colour comes via the pillowy lips of beauty, Taylor Hill, who, to be honest, could make even a sour orange look good.

Pairing the neon orange lip with an equally neon orange turtleneck sweater, the rest of Hill’s guise is relatively pared-back. Skin is glowing and flushed at the apples of the cheek, eyes are bare but a single lick of mascara, and those iconic brows have simply been brushed and filled slightly. The two most striking makeup propositions are the lip and cheek, or, oranges and apples.

But how to get a little fruity at home? Orange tones are great for olive complexions, but the tricky part comes when playing with fluorescent light. Take your punchy hue of orange and slick across lips, then carefully press a clear, loose powder across your pout, sealing in and mattifying the colour. Either stay put, or repeat this process a couple of times until you achieve your desired colour pay off. For those really wanting to turn up the dial, try a loose powdered pigment like M.A.C’s Pigment, and gently press over the lipstick for the ultimate radiation.

With a little help from Vanngo, Taylor Hill has convinced us to bite into orange – the neon kind.