As Super Bowl LIII kicks off in Atlanta, Lady Gaga’s makeup artist Sarah Tanno has shared a little makeup memory from her jaw-dropping Halftime performance in 2017.

Arguably one of the world’s biggest stages (the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show commands the most expensive ad space in the US), Lady Gaga’s Halftime performance in 2017 is to date the “most-watched musical event of all-time,” with the NFL citing a figure of 150 million viewers based on the television audience. So it makes sense that her makeup was also the most memorable of all-time, with Sarah Tanno rising to the challenge of Super Bowl-worthy makeup, executing one of the most intricate – and extravagant – takes on a cat-eye we’ve ever seen.

Part masquerade mask, part cat-eye, Tanno’s painstaking eye-patches swallowed up Gaga’s entire eye area in a sea of sparkling pink and black ink. They were intricate. Unorthodox. Spectacular. Kicking up with feline flair at their edges (of glory), punctuated with alternate pink jewels, the result was a dramatic web of intricate latticework, finished off with a red lip, towering spider lash and carved cheekbones.

Forever the consummate perfectionist, Tanno’s handiwork rose above any kind of Super Bowl makeup of seasons past, and was one the most iconic makeup looks of her career. “#Superbowl Sunday!! This was one of the most special days of my career that I’ll never forget. So I’ll be posting this every year forever lol,” she captioned the makeup memory on Instagram.

And as one avid Gaga fan wrote: “You had sooo many queens getting crafty trying to figure out those eye jewel patches.” Forever a makeup inspiration to us all, it was a beauty touchdown for the ages. Might be time to recall the gems and glue.