It matters not whether you’ve sourced it from the back of your BF’s cupboard, a vintage store or Mr Porter, the only type of denim jacket to step out in come spring is oversized, overtly sexy and as rugged as the man you’d imagine once wore it.

Just ask Mrs Kim Kardashian-West. Never one to shy away from upstaging a sibling on their big day – this case, baby sis Kylie’s nineteenth birthday – the mum-of-two flashed waiting paparazzi her smalls as she clambered out of her low Mercedes supercar, but it was louche denim she wore over her loosely-laced corset that us feeling like it was a case of de ja vu.

That is, all bar our beauty team who were heavily focused on Kim’s fierce hair transformation instead.

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Kim outside her sister Kylie’s 19th birthday bash
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A second glance, it became apparent Kim had raided Kanye designer label-heavy closet given he’s been spotted countless times lately in an identical bleached denim jacket of late. Still, rather than it being the Balmain, Off White or Lanvin you’d expect, in this case the in-demand jacket in question was vintage Levi’s.

Kimye share everything. Even their bleached vintage denim
Credit: Instagram

Much as she’d probably hate to admit it, Kim’s not the first of her clan to pave the way with this girl-wears-guy-denim trend, which is set to be suitably huge come spring. Way back in June, the Kardashian-Jenner clan member we’re more accustomed to applauding in the style stakes, Kendall, threw a man-sized jean jacket on over her own long-tee-shirt-as-dress on a night out in Manhattan with Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin.

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Kendall Jenner with Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin in New York
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Little surprise Beyonce and Rihanna have both ticked the look off in recent months too, both teaming theirs with micro-shorts and heels and documenting the look in the place that counts most: online and on social media.

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Serial man-jacket advocate Rihanna
Credit: Instagram 

To illustrate the for-boys-for-girls point on the runway, brilliant Australian Woolmark Prize-winning brand Strateas Carlucci, which also won the Tiffany & Co. National Designer Award in 2014, sent a female model down its runway at Men’s Fashion Week in June wearing an oversized denim jacket over mini-dress that drew praise-intended comparisons to cult brand Vetements.

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Strateus Carlucci SS17, Milan Fashion Week

But there’s more to this look than just throwing on any old lumberjack’s hack. As always, it’s not just what you wear (but do read on for six men’s denim buys you’ll be hankering to call your own) but how you wear it.

9 ways do the men’s denim jacket trend right

TIP 1: Wear over micro skirt, mini shorts or a long T-shirt. The beauty is in the ironic contract.

Tip 2: If you’re going to wear a long tee, either make sure it’s a woman’s slimline one (like Kendall’s) or nipped in with a corset or belt (a la Kim). Baggy jacket over baggy tee will just leave you looking bag-lady. This of this as the yin to the “cropped top with oversized pants” look yang, which is also currently favoured by Kendall and Gigi.

TIp 3: Consider the right cut. Go for a shape that’s more rectangular than square for a more streamlined, flattering look. You want it to look baggy, not boxy.

TIP 4: Likewise, pick your shade. You’re going for an ‘I stole this from my boyfriend who’s been wearing this for years’ vibe. The paler and more distressed the denim, the better.

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Hailey Baldwin
Credit: Instagram @haileyscloset

TIP 5: Go for the softest the denim you can find. Ideally, you want to be able to wear hanging off one shoulder or possibly two, again, like KKW. New denim that’s stiff as a board will make you look like a cardboard cut-out.

Tip 6: swamped by a way-too-wide collar? Make like Beyonce and tuck it underneath, the rougher your fold the better. This softens the shape and shows off your neckline. Likewise for super-long sleeves. Rough-fold them up if you don’t want to let them hang low over your hands for effect.

TIP 6: Accessorise like a demon to keep the look feminine: big earrings, statement bag and shoes  the works. Make-up makes all the difference too.

TIP 7: Under no circumstance should you double denim, unless it’s with shorts in a different hue. In case of uncertainty, refer to image of Beyonce above.

TIP 8: FINISH WITH Fenty creepers, choker and baseball cap for day; thigh-high boots, a bold lip and shoulder-skimming earrings for night.SHOP our pick of the best men’s denim jackets here now