You’re impossible to buy for‘ is a refrain I’m bombarded with just as much as All I want for Christmas is you at this time of year. Invariably, I find myself apologising – and for what? For having discerning tastes and exquisite judgement? For having a strong grasp on my personal brand? Absurd. No longer will I tolerate such a dismal excuse for gifts so phoned in that they have a data plan attached. And nor should you.

This year, you and I have no excuse for not stating your case when it comes to Christmas. We’ve already compiled a thoroughly comprehensive edit of 127 gifts readily available for perusal and purchase across five impeccably art directed gift guides. Herewith, a further 25 for your consideration featuring a few of my favourite things. Loved ones, take note: make my wish come true, all I want for Christmas is a Maison Balzac carafe in the new Amber colourway, a True Colour oxidised copper vase, a case of wine from DRNKS, or any of the above.

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Art direction: Dané Stojanovic
Culture curation: Nicholas Carolan