In what was a kind of antithesis to their surprise, ad hoc nuptials in Las Vegas in May, Sophie Turner’s second wedding to Joe Jonas in the South of France was many things, one of them being elaborate. Her wedding dress is perhaps the best example of this; an ornate, intricate, one-of-a-kind gown by Louis Vuitton which we’ve now come to learn took over 350 hours to contrive. Yes, 350 painstaking, punctilious hours of (wo)manpower for the embroidered tulle and silk gazar gown. And that was just the beginning.

There was over 14 metres of flower-embroidered tulle, which made up the body of the dress, with 90 needles working on this embroidery; some using cotton thread, others using cordonnet thread. To create the pattern of over 650,000 stitches, some 75 hours of digital design were needed. Then came the embellishment. More than 10 embroiderers worked for a total of 1,050 hours to meticulously embroider each panel with a staggering 50,400 crystal eclats and 50,400 white beads, totalling an incredulous 100,800 beads. Then the veil required its own deft savoir-faire, which included 48 hours of embroidery where thread was hand-cut between each flower, while the hem was also hand-cut to create a natural and irregular finishing to match the sleeves. All in all, some 350 hours to create a custom gown of haute proportions for Sophie Turner, aka Mrs. Jonas.

A wondrous, dreamy confection by Nicolas Ghesquière, we didn’t think numbers could be so romantic.