Simone Rocha X H&M

The hotly anticipated collaboration between Irish designer Simone Rocha and retail giant H&M will be available in stores in less than a month. Today, however, the team dropped the official look book for our pre-perusal.

As hoped for, the collection is a dapper ode to Rocha’s unique style. The dramatic femme flair that fans adore about her runway seasons forms the catalyst for this spin off. A collection akin to a Rocha best-of.

While some fans have been surprised by the pairing, today’s first look proves that this range will likely see the designer become a more worldwide household name. It features a myriad of Rocha’s favoured ethereal themes such as highland plaid, baroque femme and fanciful costume-y dresses that could be straight out of an Arthur Miller play. But…it’s also wearable.

From the layered tulle Victorian frocks to the perfectly pin-tucked trench to the lovely organza overlay tunics, Rocha has crafted a collection that merges high fashion design with glamorous ready-to-wear. Details like fine ruffle necklines, sheer volume balloon sleeves and beaded appliqué certainly make this appear to be less mass-market. Not to mention the footwear. Heavy-soled satin sandals, patent black and white brogues and feather-fluffy slippers form the anchoring to complete Rocha’s pretty-grunge narrative.

This is what Rocha does best. Create equal parts romance and intrigue. In a statement the designer said “they were all informed by ideas and inspirations that have shaped me and my brand over the last 10 years, and I am so excited to see them worn out-and-about and interpreted and styled in new ways.”

This is also the first time she has presented both men’s and kid’s wear. A marrying that comes across surprisingly organic given the dramatic nature of Rocha’s anti-princess type character. The kid’s wear is particularly adorable, and will surely be snapped up just as quickly as the adult variant.

This is a wonderful opportunity to introduce a new legion of followers to the Rocha religion, a beacon of hope for time we can, and will, all dress up again. What a treat that there’s nary a tracksuit in sight.

The worldwide drop is set for March 11, see our pick of the collection below.