Justin Cassin caught the eye of fashion lovers in attendance, not just with its newest wares but with the lack thereof (yes, we are talking a show full of bare-chested male models). This is only the brands second show at MBFWA and you can guarantee if it wasn’t already hot on everyone’s radar, it definitely is now.

Social media star Josh Heuston, a frequent face and friend of the brand, opened the highly-anticipated show in a Italian inspired look (a wildly different style from last year’s collection) and made a strong case for bringing men’s scarves back.

Justin Cassin brand ambassador Josh Heuston walking in the final line-up for the Resort 2019 show
Credit: Getty Images

The styling and designs for the show were all about embracing the effortless sexiness often associated with European attire and the brand’s value for relaxed sophistication. Strategically unbuttoned shirts and a warm colour palette also nodded to the shows suave Euro-frat boy vibe.

Great attention was paid to the fit of all the brand’s wares, especially T-shirts and button-downs. The tailored nature of the essential base-layers made for a stylish contrast against the outwear with which they paired.

Seude bomber jacket from Justin Cassin Resort 2019
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Tailored blazer Justin Cassin Resort 2019
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Bomber jackets were everywhere on the runway for the Resort 2019 collection. The outwear was designed to suit any man’s taste, with trench coats, blazers, overcoats and lightweight rain jackets showcased alongside the bombers. From leather to suede, the brand unveiled a diverse and appealing range of coats for its MBFWA18 show.

Linen, cotton and suede were the main fabrics of choice for constructing the collection; all continentally beloved and in line with the collection’s theme. The blend of breezy and luxe materials added to the brand’s air of relaxed sophistication and made for some very Instagramable looks throughout the show.


Linen wares from Justin Cassin Resort 2019
Credit: Getty Images