Beach waves or French-girl hair? Kate Moss or Alexa Chung? Brigitte Bardot or Caroline de Maigret? The names for cool-girl, effortless textured waves might have changed as often as its poster girls over the years, but our obsession with getting the look hasn’t waned.

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“Beachy texture is still the most requested style in my salon,” says hairstylist Sam Overton. “Those sort of cool-girl, rock-chic, laidback-looking waves and curls will never go out of style.”According to Overton though, getting tousled texture isn’t his clients main concern. It’s getting them to last. His top tip? Skip the shampoo. “Super clean, slippery hair will struggle to hold a curl, especially if you’re going for that natural, beach-looking texture. The natural oils and grit in second-day help curls along.”

If daily washing is non-negotiable, watch where you wash. Only shampoo the top half, and only condition the bottom half.

Why? Your roots naturally produce oils, so loading them up with extra conditioner will only weigh the lengths down, barely giving your curls a chance of lasting past lunchtime.

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